The Greatest Game/Series You Never Played

Let’s face it, unless you’re a millionaire there’s a very good chance you haven’t played every single videogame ever created.  There’s also a high possibility that you simply weren’t born during a generation where a major blockbuster like Super Mario Bros. was introduced.  It happens to us all.  With that in mind, and taking a page from Steven’s “we need to have better articles on COE damn it!” I give you this brand new feature where I ask what game or series did you miss out on.  Was it because you detested it or it simply got away from you for some reasons.  Like any self respecting gamer, I’ll start things off with a surprising fact.  I’ve never played Pokémon, and have barely touched Kirby!  Blasphemy, but true.

Someone...somewhere...make it stop!

Pokémon: Gotta Catch…oh please just stop…

When Pokémon hit the scene in North America it was September 30th, 1998.  I was already salivating over Ocarina of Time’s soon-to-be launch, and had also been extremely excited for Metal Gear Solid.  Bottom line, no cute little critters were going to come anywhere near me during that timeframe.  When I finally did have the chance to check the series out I found it extremely similar to Dragon Quest Monsters which I had played some time earlier as a sidequest in one of the previous Dragon Quest games.  I think that was my biggest beef, I just didn’t find it all that original.  To this day I still don’t understand how so many people around the world fell for the “Gotta catch ‘em all.”  I was under the mindset “Gotta kill ‘em all!”  So even though this series has gone on to huge success and people everywhere love it, I’m not one of them.  Steven even has Pikachu pajamas, can you believe that?!  If you’re a massive Pokémon fan, feel free to bash me below.  As you can tell, I don’t regret missing out on this series in the least.

He may be pink and cute, but I really wish I would have had the chance to experience his adventures.

Kirby…I really wanted to play with you :(

Now here’s a series I really wanted to get into.  Back when Kirby hit the scene I was an omega Nintendo fanboy.  Isn’t that just the way these things work out?  I used to be there day and date with every Nintendo release, but for whatever reason I never had the opportunity to do that with Kirby.  For the life of me I can’t remember why that is.  I was a massive fan, I had the opportunity, and yet the pink puff and I were never meant to be.  Even after his original outing, I continued to miss each iteration afterwards.  I remember why I didn’t play the sequel, mainly because I said I was going to go back and play through the launch title.  That’s not an easy thing to do though after you’ve played the SNES for a solid year or more and then go back to the NES.  The SNES continued to have great games day after day and eventually the N64 and PSX hit.  It’s a real shame because guys like Ahmed speak so highly of the series and I can’t share that sentiment.  I really wish I could.

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  1. You had to get me started on Pokemon did you? First off, you’re way off. It was original. It’s nothing like Dragon Quest Monsters. Saying it’s similar is like saying Sonic Riders is a ripoff of Gran Turismo since there both racing games. I’ll even add that DQM is primitive at best compared to Pokemon. Unlike you, I’ve played both and not just 15 minutes of one and douzens of hours of the other. I will give you that Pokemon might have been inspired by DQM, but that’s where it stops.

    Now, I’ll go entirely off-subject and tell you that Pokemon to me is Nintendo’s biggest failure. You might go wtf since the series sold millions and millions of games, heck they used to be the most popular games in the industry. They probably still sell millions too. The thing is this series had the possibility of being the very best online series out there. They also never actually made a 3D version. Never. In over 12 years.

    Plus being a pokefan back in the day was hard. Let’s face it, it wasn’t cool for a teenager to be a pokefan. The cartoons were for kids (even though I liked them) and every little critter was so damm cute. But it doesn’t stop there. Every single Pokemon game was sold in 3 different versions, which all had a different colour attached to it but were basically the exact same games! I bought the first 9 pokemon games (basically, the first 3) and enjoyed them at the time. They were solid titles, really they were. The problem is that after that, you had played Pokemon to death. There wasn’t anything more to do. That’s why I never got into the DS version, since it’s basically the exact copy-paste formula Pokemon Blue and Red offered 12 years ago. I got excited for 1.2 seconds when I heard Black and White were announced before realizing this series was dead to me. I know there are still fans out there, and I’m sure the games are still solid. I have played so much of the same thing now that I just don’t care anymore.

    The fact that they never made an epic 3D title really shows you how Nintendo is lazy. Yeah I know, they do made the occasional Twilight Princess here and there but those come once every 8 years now. A 3D Pokemon would have taken years to perfect and develop…. but its what fans have craved since the annoucment of Pokemon Stadium. We all thought that was gonna be our 3D Pokemon. Even though the trading and fighting aspects would have been hard at the time, it was still possible with the peripherals they released with Stadium. Plus everytime I battles or traded with the GameBoy games, I had to have a friend right next to me so there’s really no difference whether its portable or not.

    The DS version might have introduced online battles and trading into the mix, but again, with that friend code stupidity, it isn’t really accessible. Still, it should have happened on the Gamecube or on the Wii. But now, if Nintendo ever makes it (which I seriously doubt), I won’t even care. That’s a real shame, as just the thought of navigating a world, looking for Pokemon in the grass, catching them, fighting with them in a beautiful 3D world still gives me shivers today.

  2. So basically what you’re saying is…you like Pokémon, and you’re a loser.

    I’ll admit I never gave Pokémon a chance for hte very reasons you explained above. I didn’t want to be caught playing with some cute cuddly little creatures. Even though today there’s nothing wrong with me playing Kinectimals. Funny how times change.

    So you never answered the question posed Steven. Was there ever a game or series that you wanted to get into but never had the chance even until this day? What was the reason for this not happening? Was there ever a series you specifically avoided, like me with Pokémon?

    Answer the question!

  3. I thought about it for a while…. and nothing really came out. If you would have asked me this 5 years ago, then yeah I could have named you a few. Now, I don’t think there’s a series that I haven’t played that maybe I should have.

  4. Gah, so much Pokemon hate. You must be a terrible person inside. lol j/k

    While I don’t think the catching monsters idea itself is all that original, I think they are just engaging games. It’s a far different scenario than you’re typical you are (insert hero of prophecy/nameless wanderer/amnesiac super teen here) that is on a quest to (save the kingdom/save the universe/save the world). Sure, you have to defeat Team whatever in each game, but that never feels…well, all that central to the experience for me. Pokemon is a series that has a careful balance between accessibility and depth. A casual fan can get into it, catch a crap ton of Pikachus and whatever else they want and play how they want to. Whereas a hardcore fan will specifically pay attention to effort values, specific attributes of Pokemon, and make killer strategies for the teams (seriously, I saw a guy use a Magikarp to sweep a team of legendaries…it’s pretty cool). And I’d totally play Pokemon anymore and be like “What of it?” lol

    As for Kirby….I wasn’t into it right off the bat, not really until Kirby 64. The game was really fun. I didn’t get every Kirby game I could find though, I just casually played the ones I could get my hands on and I bought some of them down the line.

    I guess for me…I’d have to say the Earthbound/Mother series. I have never played them. Ever. And I really want to. But I want an official re-release of the game or I want to track down an official SNES copy of the Earthbound. Emulator’s just don’t have the same soul, man.

    Another series that comes to mind is Tomb Raider. I’ll admit, I have never actually played a game in that series. I’ve watched my older brothers play them all the way through and I know it has a long history, but I’ve just…never been all that compelled to play them. I guess during the PS1/N64/Saturn era I was too busy with FF7, Gran Turismo, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mega Man Legends, etc, on PS1, and Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart, Mario 64, and Smash on N64.

    1. Good examples. Completely forgot about Earthbound and Tomb Raider. I’ve also never gotten into both. Obviously, Earthbound isn’t my fault as Nintendo just didn’t promote it enough for me to notice back in the day. Now, it’s everyone’s favorite cult hit and NOA continues to ignore the pleas of fans evident by the lack of Mother 3 localization. It’s over now. The only way to play the GBA classic is to use the emulator with the fan translation…sad but true. The original Earthbound hasn’t been released for VC yet which is a missed chance to promote the series. Heck, Mother 4 is being fan-developed. That’s how bad things are with Nintendo.

      Kirby 64 was a cool game, but doesn’t beat Kirby Super Star. That was my first game in the series and it’s still the best. Jarrod, you should check out the VC version or buy the DS modified port, whichever floats your boat. I’d go with the latter if you’re playing it solo.

  5. Castlevania is the first series that pops into mind when it comes to series I’ve never played. Always wanted to get into a CV game but never got the chance. People say that Symphony of the Night is a good starting point since it’s the best in the series. Is it that good or are fanboys just being too much? If not, I can just check out the DS versions since they’re likely more modern than SOTN. Of course, there’s the new 3D one which seems solid as well.

    Also, God of War and Dragon Quest are two series that I’d like to sink my teeth into in my free time. Played DQ8 the most but haven’t touched IV, V, or IX yet. I only played bits of the first God of War for the PS2.

    The Tales series, Shadow Hearts series, Suikoden and Wild Arms games I haven’t gotten into that much for some reason. Symphonia is the only game in the series I really digged and played to completion. Shadow Hearts II back in the day was one heck of an RPG but I never finished it. I didn’t give a chance to either Suikoden or Wild Arms. I think I’m the only one in the planet who thinks that Suikoden 3 sucks.

    Finally, the Persona series is in need of attention. I’ve only played the two Digital Devil Saga spin-offs, which I regard highly. The soundtrack of the first one is one of my favorite modern game OSTs of all time. With the PSP enhanced ports being hyped up it seems like a good time to get into them, especially with your praise of P3 Portable, Jarrod.

  6. Awesome comments all around guys. Mother 3 is the only one I haven’t played. It’s a really great series that was completely ignored outside of Japan for some reason. Why NOA didn’t put a greater emphasis on Earthbound and the series as a whole I’ll never know. They put faith in a pink puff for goodness sakes!

    Steven, maybe it would be cool if you could talk a bit about your undying love for Fire Emblem. It would be reverse logic for this article. Instead of a series that you missed, it’d be one that everyone else missed.

  7. Fire Emblem was a series I felled in love with because of you again Jarrod. I bought the first Fire Emblem on the GBA like many people. I loved it of course but didn’t finish it until way later for some reason. What clicked for me however is when I imported the japanese version of Path of Radience. This was the first time I would play such a heavy text game in japanese. Believe it or not I actually managed to complete the game. That game was awesome too, really, with full blown cut-scenes with voice-actors in a Nintendo game!

    Anyhow, that was it for me after that. I imported and bought every single FE game. Fire Emblem Thracia for the Super Famicom took me months to finally find it on ebay. That title is very rare…. usually appearing on ebay 5-6 times a year. When I did find it, I had to spend 400$ to buy it. I also own all the Famicom and Super Famicom version, as well as the GBA FE that wasn’t released here. Also rebought Path of Radiance when it arrived here.

    Also, the first time I met Jarrod, the dude bought me FE Radiant Dawn for the Wii, which was a kick ass sequel to Path of Radiance. A must play game for the Wii in my opinion. Really fun times. I bought the DS version, but sadly never actually got around to playing it. One day I will though, the only problem is that I accidentally threw my DS Lite in the garbage 2 years ago and I just can’t play on the original DS anymore. I could buy a 3DS eventually I guess to try it out.

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