Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 2, Day 4: Better With Friends!


1) No remakes or enhanced ports allowed (unless noted).

2) If you vote for “Other”, you must specify the game in our comments section or else it will be nullified.

3) Deadline is January 4th, 2011.

Sorry for posting these late, everyone. I’ve been a bit busy today since it’s the weekend where live.

Anyway, today we have three polls that constantly intertwine with each other: best multiplayer (3 votes), best shooter, and best fighter. While we weren’t showered with a lot of fighter games this year, the ones we did get were pretty cool. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a miracle; you can thank your lucky stars that a title as licensed-heavy as this has been localized for English-speakers around the world.

They say that every good multiplayer lies within a shooter, but not every shooter require a multiplayer component. While you’ll constantly see repeated FPS nominations in both categories, there are still some stand-out single-player-focused ones that are just as enjoyable: Singularity, Bioshock 2, and Sin & Punishment 2 (which isn’t an FPS to begin with). Pick your top games wisely, although I’m sure 99% of our readers will fledge to Call of Duty: Black Ops (and rightfully so; this game is freakin’ addicting!)

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