Readers’ Choice Awards 2010 Log — Week 2, Day 7: The Dying Genres


1) No remakes or enhanced ports allowed (unless noted).

2) If you vote for “Other”, you must specify the game in our comments section or else it will be nullified.

3) Deadline is January 4th, 2011.

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Week 2 is coming to a close with two genres that have been biting the dust for the past few years: music games and horror/thriller ones. The former has it a lot worse though; the last straw is obviously Harmonix being sold to another developer. Nonetheless, there has been a few surprises here and there, most notably Dance Central for Kinect.

True horror games are practically non-existent nowadays as most tend to either take the drama/thriller route or being satirical in nature. Even then, these aren’t pure horror games gameplay-wise…most tend to combine other genres into the mix these days. Even the Resident Evil series moved away from what we’ve been used to, taking a more action-oriented style with less “scare factor”. I do like the direction though, especially parodies. Dead Rising 2 surprised me with its self-aware elements in its plot and gameplay, riddled with corny lines, stereotypical characters, and bizarre situations. The same goes for Deadly Premonition, a game I’ve yet to play but its budget price and big heart won over a lot fans this year.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s polls. Stay tuned for next week’s platform awards!

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