It’s True: Dragon Quest VI US-bound on Valentine’s Thanks to Nintendo of America!

Put your fears to rest. A localized DQVI has been teased by Square-Enix for over a year. It seems that the reason they’ve been quiet is the switch of publishers. It looks like Nintendo of America were satisfied with DQIX’s performance because they’re handling DQVI as well. Sadly, DS ports of DQIV and V haven’t sold like hotcakes, but that’s because Square-Enix USA didn’t market them well. I have a feeling that NOA will hit gold with DQVI though. For one, it’s never been released in North America before. Also, let’s not forget NOA’s superior marketing skills. The SNES original has been praised like no tomorrow due to its interesting premise. I like the fact that there’s a parallel dream world that you can explore and this may tie into the storyline quite well. Our very own Jarrod Nichol wrote an editorial long ago about the history of the series, claiming that DQVI is by far his favorite one of all time, so that alone says a lot about it. What I’m a bit skeptical about is the remake’s graphics engine. The original SNES version has a lot of excellent spritework, which isn’t going to be highlighted in the DS version since it uses a modified version of DQVII’s engine (which has been the engine of choice for DQ remakes on the DS). I’m not fond of that engine much…I still find DQVII to be one of the ugliest games to grace consoles, but I have to admit that the small DS screens may make these games look better…and from the looks of the trailer, the animated sprites of enemies in the battle screen looks amazing.

The only road bump that may face its release is how close it will be to the 3DS launch. Backward compatibility helps, but no matter how good these end-of-cycle games are, they just don’t seem to sell well.

Source: Nintendo of America

4 thoughts on “It’s True: Dragon Quest VI US-bound on Valentine’s Thanks to Nintendo of America!”

  1. After Dragon Quest VIII, I’m just not really in the mood for 2D DQ’s. DQ VIII was so amazing, it makes me crave a 3D DQ on the PS3. I don’t think we’ll ever get one though.

    1. I get you. So far, VIII has been the only one in the series I’ve extensively played and truly loved. I really do want to give IX a go though since it’s technically 3D, yet not as capable as the PS2 version of course.

      You never know, man. Perhaps we’ll get a true 3D DQ game if the PS3 manages to be top dog in the next few years. I’m starting to think that DQX won’t hit the Wii as planned since the console is starting to look old in comparison to the rest.

      The only reason why VI is so compelling to me is because Jarrod says it’s his favorite.

  2. IV, V and VI are all gold guys. VII was one of the best PS1 games ever made, except that graphically it wasn’t all that hot. VIII was the perfect balance in my opinion. It had awesome graphics, played great and was just wicked.

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