PlayStation Store Update 12/21/10: Demos Galore, Battlefield Vietnam, Front Mission 3, and More!

Well…it’s not really saving the best for last, but it’s certainly a hefty update before the holidays. I was honestly surprised by the amount of AAA demos released this week: Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, and Little Big Planet 2. Nice to try those out so we can get ready for the madness early next year.

Battlefield Bad Company 2’s Vietnam expansion is finally out as well, and it weights just less of 200kb. How does a full-on expansion come to be this small, you ask? Simple: DICE smartly sneaked in a hefty system patch a week before. It’s probably the biggest patch I’ve ever downloaded, just shy of 2GB. This patch’s official function is the inclusion of 4 new multiplayer levels for the VIP members, but now that we’ve just discovered the small size of Vietnam’s download…that patch surely packed in a lot more than BC2 content.

Finally…Front freakin’ Mission 3, one of the PS1’s underrated releases, has been released as well! I’ve been waiting for this baby ever since Europe got it a few months back. Their marketing and timed released is certainly more appropriate (having it close to the new Front Mission: Evolved installment instead of the US’s delayed response), but no matter. The main thing is that I can finally play this game again. I was a big fan of it back in the PS1 days, having been sucked into the world of turn-based strategy thanks to Final Fantasy Tactics. It’s probably the best installment of the series, sans Front Mission 5 for the PS2 which was never released outside of Japan.

Speaking of classics, you can now play Neo Geo emulations for your PS3 and/or PSP, starting off with the likes of Metal Slug and Fatal Fury. Never been a fan of the system, but I’m sure there’s an audience for it since the Wii has been offering up these as well.

You’ll also notice a ton of price cuts and offers thanks to the holidays, the most significant one of all is Sonic Adventure being cut down to 5$. Good stuff.

If you’re into full PS3 games for download, then be happy ’cause MAG and Borderlands are also joining the pack, 30$ a pop. Not too shabby. Additionally, Borderlands’ expansions have been compiled to one download which costs dirt cheap, too.

Finally, you have tons of add-on content to choose from whether you own one of the music games or the content-creations ones such as the original Little Big Planet and Modnation Racers. In my opinion, however, Costume Quest’s Grubbins on Ice’s expansion deserves a mention. Great indie game which is a tad short deserves more playtime.

Click here to check out the official full list of this week’s releases.

20 thoughts on “PlayStation Store Update 12/21/10: Demos Galore, Battlefield Vietnam, Front Mission 3, and More!”

  1. I’m seriously considering rebuying Mass Effect 2 for the PS3. An amazing game that I want to play again.

    1. Did you try the demo Steven? I’m actually thinking of going back to Mass Effect to get 100% and then finish off ME2 on the hardest setting. This should take me quite a while to do, which will get me ready for ME3.

      I urge all you PS3 owners out there to pick Mass Effect up. It’s by far the best RPG series released this generation and is the second best new IP franchise introduced this gen. This is only my opinion of course, but it’s Uncharted first and ME second. Both HAVE to be played if you call yourself a gamer. No, I’m really not joking.

  2. Iam not a FPS multiplayer conosiur, but the maps in battlefield vietnam are just plain awasome, it get the feel of it pretty good, the weapons are ok, but i miss the red dot, i know these attachments came up latter, but i miss themT_T, great expansion i see playing it a lot, and guys please play this game in order to discover the 5 map sooner than the 360 counterparts, it si for honor this time

  3. I had never heard of Front Mission but from Ahmed and Jarrod sounds like it’s worth getting.

    I will also soon see what Mass Effect is all about.

    1. Neither have I until Front Mission 3 for the PS1. Ironically, it’s the first installment to be released in the US despite the “3” in the title. It’s an awesome turn-based strategy game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, but has a lot of unique elements to it thanks to using mechs instead of humans. Really deep stuff for a PS1 game actually. I urge you to hunt down the remake of the first Front Mission on the DS as well. Don’t bother with the PS2 ones ’cause those suck. And stay away from the the recent Action/RPG installment unless you’re a huge fan.

  4. Wow… I’m REALLY disappointed by Mass Effect 2 :S

    I could go on and talk about all the details on why I”m felling this way but I’d just be called a troll. Basicly I’m let down because I was expecting so much after everyone on the Microsoft side was saying it was a much better game and had better graphics than Uncharted 2.

    I know they’re different games but some aspects can still be compared (Graphics, voice over, controls ect.) and after all the talks I just can’t help but compare them.

  5. Pat I’d like you to go on about why you feel this way. A friend of mine felt the same way about the original Mass Effect. While we all loved it, I like hearing what others have to say. Don’t worry no o e here will call you a troll, except maybe Steven ;)

  6. Have you played the demo Steven? Where exactly does it take place? I’m kind of curious here. I’m also curious as to what you immediately didn’t like Pat?

  7. I have no clue what the demo is. I haven’t downloaded it. I would never download a demo of an RPG, it’s pointless as these games are story heavy and a demo won’t impress you.

    From what I can gather, Pat seemed to have been told by X-Box fanboys that it was better then Uncharted 2. This is pointless as its simply fanboys having a flame war here. These are 2 completely different games and both are spectacular.

    He mentioned graphics…. which are supposed to be even better on the PS3 because its been redone I heard. The graphics are excellent, not perfect, but if you want to nitpick, you could find flaws here and there of course. We could find flaws in Uncharted 2 or GT5 or any other good looking games if we look for them.

    Voice-overs….. again, it’s excellent no? Unless you’re talking about the lips not matching the voice…. I don’t really know here. The actors were great from what I remember. I think when he plays the full game here, he’ll agree too.

    Controls I don’t really see an issue. You’ll get used to them as you play the full game. Play any strategy heavy or action heavy game and you’ll struggle a bit with the controls at first. I know I was heaving trouble with Uncharted in the first 30 minutes or so, but quickly adapted.

    I’m very curious to hear your full thoughts. I think Pat should wait for the full game, I warned him about trying the demo. I don’t think youre giving the game a fair chance, going into it wanting to find faults to justify your preference in Sony by negating classic games the competition offers. Again though, not every game is for everyone, this could prove to be a rare example where Mass Effect 2 simply isn’t for you. I doubt it though Pat, and I’m sure you’ll be completely addicted to the game once you invest time into it.

  8. Don’t worry too much Steven. I know you told me I shouldn’t judge an RPG from a demo. But the truth is that the story is what I liked the most from the demo.

    I will still get it and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.
    It’s like you said, it’s about the X-Box fanboys saying it was better than Uncharted 2 in every way. There was also this big IGN bullshit article about this. That’s what ruined my experience because I compared it to Uncharted 2.

    Uncharted 2 is such a masterpiece that it ruined my experience for the next few games I played after it. Especially with the voice over being recorded on stage as the actors performed with mocap suits.

    I successfuly stopped comparing games to Uncharted 2 after a while but I couldn’t help myself with Mass Effect because of my previous statement.

    So don’t worry guys! I’m sure I’ll be writting another comment in the future saying how much I’m enjoying the game ;)

    1. We should keep in mind that the Demo of ME2 is a work-in-progress so it could be based on a code from an older build. The reason why I’m saying this is that there are a couple of sites such as Digital Foundary which compared the game professionally to the Xbox 360 version. Bioware claims that the PS3 version will be the superior one in terms of graphical appeal, but the comparison of the demo shows otherwise. The PS3 version’s demo does have a few advantages over the 360 one, but there are a lot of issues with framerate and such. Could be the reason why you’re underwhelmed, Pat.

      Knowing Bioware though, I think that the final build will be much more impressive. They claim that a lot of aspects of the PS3 version actually uses the Mass Effect 3 engine so we should see significant upgrades. If you recall Dragon Age, you’ll notice that the PS3 version is a lot better than the 360 one in terms of graphics. That alone says a lot.

  9. What IGN article are you talking about? I don’t recall them ever comparing Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 2? That’s like comparing Gran Turismo to Final Fantasy.

    And I’m sure you will enjoy the game…. I think it will win many GOTY awards on many sites. I thought it was gonna win on IGN…. but now it seems like Galaxy 2 will take the cake from what I’ve been hearing.

    Last Year, Uncharted 2 won on projectcoe. We’ll find out soon enough what will be our GOTY for 2010…. but I would put some money on Mass Effect. Can’t wait for the 3rd part…

  10. “Can’t wait for the 3rd part” you and me both. I’m so excited that I’m going back to the original Mass Effect and playing through it three times to earn all the gamer points. Then ill be going back to ME2. By this time 3 should be on the way. I must say that Uncharted is indeed the single best action adventure game out there, whereas Mass Effect 2 is the single best RPG out there. I too wouldn’t compare these games. If you’re a gamer, both are must plays. Nuff said.

  11. Sounds good guys :)

    The IGN article was called “Mass Effect 2 is better than Uncharted 2…. Deal with it!”

    IGN was already starting to become too corporate to my taste and that article to me was the point where I stopped looking at the site.

    I mean, they are obviously 2 different games that I would never have compared them. They did it to piss people off on purpose.

  12. Yeah IGN has been like that for a while now. I stopped reading big corporate sites a long time ago. I much prefer smaller sites and blogs because they appear much more personal. I’m a big fan of Joystiq, Kotaku, Destructoid, etc. I’d love to get to the point where we could cover stories on a daily basis and actually get out there and cover events live. I’d tell it as is, as I know everyone here would. I hate all the corporate BS. Comparing ME2 with Uncharted is just ridiculous in every possible way. It was done to add a little fire to the flame wars and pad the hits to the site.

  13. I’d like to read that article, as I’m curious what it says. It could have been just a title to bring attention to it. I’ll try to find it. I actually still like IGN, not for the articles, but for the news and reviews. I read most of there reviews when its for a game that I’m interested in. I don’t look at the scores as these don’t matter, I just read them and for the most part, they are well done. Do I always agree with it? Nope. But I think they are fair. They will always be people who’ll hate the reviews, everyone has their own tastes. Articles I agree that are mostly just for shock value. Look at there contrarian corner articles….. those are often random and pointless.


    Wow…. that got you mad? I still maintain that you can’t really compare both games…. but this game just said that if he would to pick one game out of the two, Mass Effect was his favourite. He doesn’t in any way say that Uncharted is a bad game…. just that he prefers Mass Effect 2.

    Plus, it comes from a self-declared Sony fanboy in Greg. It’s really just an opinion article. The hard thing with this is to try and not take things personal. That article was well written, but his opinion might not be the same as yours. That’s always the hard thing here…. it seems when someone has a different opinion, people always get mad and say it’s bs and the article sucked. Read it again and keep an open-mind…..

    Anyhow, I’m really curious to see what you think of the full game once you play it…… I’ll actually try to complete Uncharted eventually. I’ll probably have to start the game over, probably just playing it on easy just to play the game and enjoy. I’m currently on hard about 4 hours in…. but having not played for months I’m getting my ass kicked.

  15. @Steven

    Yeah I didn’t read it back then. It’s more than just that article. I very rarely go on IGN anymore. Oh and I still don’t feel like reading it.

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