Vagrant Story, Xenogears And More Headed For The PSN

In what will surely be Ahmed’s best news article of 2010 we’ve just learned that the ESRB has rated several high-profile PS1 RPGs for the PlayStation Network.  The list includes…

Arc the Lad III
Legend of Mana
Threads of Fate
Vagrant Story

Mysteriously the list also includes R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 for some reason.
Vagrant Story was one of the most original RPGs Square put out back towards the end of the PS1 days.  If you have never had the chance to play it you will next year.  Obviously we have no clue when any of these games will hit, but as always if the ESRB has them rated you know they’re coming.

4 thoughts on “Vagrant Story, Xenogears And More Headed For The PSN”

  1. Awesome! Yup, best news article of the year. Only took them like forever!

    Vagrant is a definite must-buy once again for me. This is going to look great on the PSP. Another one I wanted to check out is Threads of Fate. It’s one of the few Square games I skipped on back in the day. A lot of people say it’s the spiritual sequel to Brave Fencer Musashi, an underrated gem which I really enjoyed.

  2. I haven’t downloaded anything in a while Ahmed. I was going to, but yeah you know how it is. As for these games I’m very pleased to see them gearing up for release.

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