Best Blu-ray Of 2010!

With Ahmed hard at work finishing up our Game of the Year awards, and our Reader Game of the Year awards, I thought it would be fun to post a few other COE ________ of the Year awards.  First up is our Blu-ray of the Year.  I think there’s only one clear winner here.  It’s the first Blu-ray movie to have sold 65% of all its units on Blu-ray instead of DVD.  That single handily beat-out Iron Man 2 which was at 52%.  So what movie could this be?

That’s right folks, Inception is hands-down the single best Blu-ray of 2010.  It beasts out Avatar, Iron Man 2 and so many others.  The movie was inspirational, well thought out and as the cover says it was dazzling and breathtaking.  These descriptions only talk about the movie though.  In terms of Blu-ray release it features pristine audio and visual clarity unmatched by other movies.   The special features are also AAA quality.  Virtually every single feature on this two-disc set is exclusive to the Blu-ray format.  Better still almost all the features are in HD, which remains a rare treat for the format.  The In-Movie Experience (picture-in-picture) feature alone is worth the price of admission.

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight was my pick for Blu-ray of the year back in 2008 and now he’s struck gold again this year.  It seems like everything this man touches turns to greatness.  If you have never seen Inception before, the movie centers around a group of men that use your dreams to acquire information they can use.  I won’t go any further than that.  Go buy the movie, you will not regret it.

This was my pick for Blu-ray of the year and I’m fairly certain you have yours.  Did Avatar: Special Edition make you change your shorts?  Was it National Geographic Great Migrations, or Iron Man 2 that finally convinced you Blu-ray is the future of home entertainment?  Now it’s your time to let the world know exactly which Blu-ray impressed you the most in 2010.

7 thoughts on “Best Blu-ray Of 2010!”

  1. Yeah Inception really was a great movie, and this disc is jammed will extras. I’m not sure if you saw the Blu-ray version or not, but I really recommend you pick this one up if you haven’t done so already.

  2. Man I still have not seen this movie yet! I guess I will need to buy it on Blu Ray because I hear NOTHING but great things about it. One thing about 2010 guys…it was a very weak year for movies over all. Only a few gems in my eyes. I hope 2011 is A LOT better tho!

  3. Are we talking about story of the year or like special effects/action of the year? Either way it wins both lol! After watching the movie I thought to myself “Wow! This is my favorite movie since The Matrix!”

    The anti-gravity scenes were awesome! You have to watch the bonus features and checkout how they did it!

  4. By the way Timothy, I thought it was a better year for movies than it was for video games. I know I spent a lot more money on movies than games.

  5. This award is just for all around best Blu-ray for 2010. I found it was just such a fantastic feature-filled disc coupled with what is in my opinion the best movie of 2010. Put those together and you have yourself one kick ass package.

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