Marvel Announces Fear Itself

In what has to be the saddest news to end 2010 Marvel has just announced a brand new crossover event called Fear Itself.  The event begins this summer with the prologue issue being written by Ed Brubaker (Captain America) and art by Scot Eaton (X-Men: Endangered Species).  While I loved Civil War everything afterwards has been mediocre at best.  Brubaker is only writting the prologue issue though.  The main Fear Itself miniseries will be written by Matt Fraction (Iron Man), with art by Stuart Immonen (Ultimate Spider-Man artist).  The concept is simple, the Marvel superheroes will be taking on the god of fear.  Joe Quesada, Marvel’s main man in charge had this to say.

It feels like there’s this great shadow over all of us and reason and discourse have taken a back seat to fear.

We have nothing else to go on except for the following teaser image.

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