Cerberus Network Taken Offline…

For those Mass Effect 2 fans out there I have some rather sad news for you.  Ok well maybe it really isn’t the end of the world, but a neat little feature will be taken offline on January 24th.  This little feature gave daily news bits extending the game’s storyline and adding a bunch of other little tidbits to the ME universe.  I know many players likely ignored this feature, but I found it went a long way in adding that little bit of magic present in all BioWare games.  Here’s the official transcript from the January 2nd posting.

OUT-OF-GAME NOTICE: The Cerberus Daily News will begin a hiatus on January 24th, finishing its run of one full year. Daily postings will cease except for three weeks in 2011: a week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3. The CDN team thanks fans for their attention, comments, and feedback (both in and out of character!). We are sorry to go, but we had fun — we hope you did, too!

The good news is that we will see the return of the Cerberus Network just as soon as BioWare gears up for release of Mass Effect 3.  It’s also great to know that more downloadable content will be coming our way later this year.  The last pack was excellent and we have high hopes for future DLC.

I know it’s not much of a news story, but at least we’re getting back into the groove here.  So how many of you downloaded The Lair of the Shadow Broker and what did you think of it?

4 thoughts on “Cerberus Network Taken Offline…”

  1. Send me a copy and you got it! In completely unrelated news, where is your Top 5 PS2 games damn it! I’ve been waiting weeks for it. Stop playing Halo Reach and get it online already!

  2. Awesome Steven. That would be great! I have my top three, but five is a challenge. We just might have the same or similar top five. Post the article and let’s find out!

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