Marvel Has A New Editor-In-Chief

Axel Alonso, the new man in charge!

Now this comes as a surprise.  Joe Quesada, one of the most controversial and successful Editor-In-Chiefs in Marvel history has officially stepped down.  While that sounds bad, it’s not.  For the past few months Joe has been EiC/Chief Creative Officer.  Now he will put all his efforts behind the CCO portion of his title.  His new duties will be to oversee all creative aspects of Marvel characters outside of comics.  That means television, movies and videogames. 

So who will replace the man that saved Marvel?  Axel Alonso will answer the call.  He’s been with Marvel for years acting as their Vice President, Executive Editor.  He came onboard back in 2000 and worked his way up the ranks.  Here’s what Joe Quesada had to say about Axel’s promotion.

It’s with tremendous pride that I announce Axel Alonso’s promotion to Editor-In-Chief. For over a decade, Axel’s been instrumental in bringing fresh new voices to Marvel and reinventing our biggest characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Wolverine and so many more. He’s fought to create unique imprints like Marvel MAX while also bringing fresh new voices to the Marvel family.  Most of you know Axel from his high profile job as Vice President, Executive Editor and the man behind some of our very best and edgiest books. Time and time again, Axel has proven that he is one of the very best story editors in the history of our medium and one of the finest people I know. And, like everyone here at Marvel, he has one single focus, bringing you the best stories with the best characters in all of comicdom. That’s why I have no doubt that Axel will bring Marvel Comics to greater heights than it’s ever known!

What do you think of this news?  I’m very surprised myself.

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