The REAL Top 5 PlayStation 2 Games EVAR!!!!

Whatever you do don’t listen to Steven.  Knowing him he’ll mention that RPG series no one ever played or even heard of before.  I haven’t looked at his post yet, but I know him too well to forget how he would go on and on about that series.  For the life of me I can’t remember what it was called.  If you don’t see an RPG on his list that sticks out then…forget what I said.  Oh and I’m not talking about Dragon Quest VIII, which better be on his list!

Before we begin I wanted to make mention that Gran Turismo 4, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are within my top ten PS2 games of all time, but each of the following either changed the face of gaming or really impressed me beyond what these titles did.  So don’t give me any hate mail just because they didn’t make the top five.  Got that!

Grand Theft Auto III

I am 99% sure Steven doesn’t have this game on his list, but come on, how can you not?  It introduced open-ended gameplay to the masses.  The fact that so many game companies turned Rockstar down when it came to help finance, speaks volumes to the position Sony was in at the time.  I will never forget how blown away I was when GTA III hit the scene.  It was so unlike anything else at the time.  Yes it wasn’t the best shooter, the best racer or even had good controls, but what it did do was change the face of gaming forever.  I think that deserves a nod or two, don’t you?  Obviously San Andreas is the best of the PS2 iterations, but I will always hold the original in a special place in my heart.

Kingdom Hearts

I’m not sure where Steven would place this one, but I know where William would, right at the top.  This was one of those games that seemed to come out of nowhere.  Who would have thought that Disney characters would fit so perfectly alongside Final Fantasy characters?  It featured a fantastic story, great gameplay and a certain charm Disney is known for.  If you haven’t played either of the original two Kingdom Hearts games, you should change that ASAP.   Here’s hoping Kingdom Hearts III gets announced sometime this year. *fingers crossed*

God of War

There’s a funny story behind this one and for once it has nothing to do with any other COE members.  While attending E3 I had the opportunity to play this game before anyone else in the public.  Want to know what I thought of it…I thought it was “alright…I suppose.”  Yup, I actually said that.  Now fast forward many years later and I consider it one of the very best videogames ever created.  It was original, brutal and featured boobies.  What’s not to like about that?  Honestly, Jaffe, you really outdid yourself.  Don’t ever let anyone else tell you differently.

Dragon Quest VIII

This is hands down the best RPG on the PlayStation 2.  I know Ahmed would say differently and so would a lot of you reading this.  I don’t care what you say though.  DQ is one of the best series around and it’s why I will import a Japanese Wii.  I’m addicted to this series and VIII was better than I imagined.  It actually made cel shading impressive for once.  The quest was massive, the story was great and the gameplay was pure traditional JRPG at a time where all of that was changing.  I put in well over 200 hours into it and still go back to play it from time to time.  I only wish DQ would hit the PS3 or Xbox 360 because Wii just hasn’t been my go-to system this generation.  Playing Dragon Quest X on that platform seems far from ideal, but we’ll see what happens I suppose.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Here we go, the very best PS2 game ever made.  I can’t believe some people don’t like it.  I vividly remember a discussion I had with Steven where he said I was defending the game against other media outlets.  You know what, I was and I will continue to do this time and time again.  I believe this is the crowning achievement of the system and Kojima-san.  The story is passionate, the gameplay is damn near perfect and the graphics were some of the most awe-inspiring of the generation.  Anyone remember that last battle against The Boss.  Yes, majestic, just like the rest of the game.  If you can only play one PS2 game, you owe it to yourself to make sure it’s this one, not the #1 Steven picked…unless he picked MGS3.

13 thoughts on “The REAL Top 5 PlayStation 2 Games EVAR!!!!”

  1. Haha, awesome my man. Well… exept for GT III. I knew you’d put it in there you little easy to impress fucker. lol…. we used to have so many debates over that one back in the day. Funny now that I actually played and really liked GTA IV….

  2. I will never forget your “does everything, but masters nothing” line. Those were the days. I also really loved that conversation about MGS3, only to have you come back after and say OMG that was awesome-sauce.

  3. Although I don’t like the GTAs, Jarrod is definetly right about the influencial power that game had. The whole open world and map designs we see today come from that game!

  4. I actually get surprised every time I hear someone say they didn’t like GTA III. I fully understand all the problems, but for me this was quite the shocking game. I had such a blast with it that I tend to forget all the little issues and the big ones too.

  5. It was a popcorn game Jarrod. Just like GTA IV, which I really liked playing and had a blast with it. Still, these games don’t get a lot of merit for me. I don’t know why…. I just stick with the whole does everything, masters nothing approach.

  6. Yup, and I agree with that statement. I still find the games extremely enjoyable. I’m actually quite curious to see where Rockstar takes the series moving forward. They appear to be trying a lot of new stuff outside of GTA which is very promising.

  7. The reason why I don’t like the GTAs is cause it’s too open world and not story driven. I don’t play video games to screw around… I need a reason to be playing.

  8. Infamous is probably the only sandbox game I’ve ever played through. It was really story heavy though. And the only screwing around I did was to get the trophies :)

  9. What!?!?! No story in in the GTA’s!!!!/??????? Have you ever tried one? lol Man the stories in the ones I hve played and loved are all great if I recall. My fav was SA by far though. Those games where GOUND FUCKEN BREAKING games……… Part 2 of my comment we be in Steven’s post :)

  10. What Pat probably did was the same thing I used to do with GTA. Mess around in the world and not bothering with the actual missions as those were boring as hell before GTAIV!!!!! Pwneddddd times 200!!!

    But seriously yeah, I never got into those games as all I did was mess around and kill hook…. I mean do willies on bicycles.

  11. I did try GTA III and didn’t find much or interesting story to it… Didn’t bother with any ever since. Just not into the open world genre… I need to see every corner of every hall when I play games. I don’t wanna miss one treasure! Can’t search everyone in open world games as it’s too big and so I feel weird and I don’t like it.

  12. To each is own for sure. I was shocked by the open world concept. I mean here you were in a world that had virtually no limitations and you could just mess around all day without progressing the story and yet you would still be having fun. It’s somewhat funny that I never actually did that, but my bro would do that for hours on end. As for me, I’d actually play through the game. I got tired of just getting all the cops on me and seeing how long I could stay alive.

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