The Force Is Strong With This One

I already told you that the complete Star Wars saga was arriving on Blu-ray later this year, but now Amazon has started taking pre-orders and we have ourselves an official ship date.  September 2011, mark it down and don’t forget it!  I don’t know about you, but this is one collection I will have in my possession on day one.  You can watch the official teaser trailer for the announcement here.

I simply can’t wait for this collection to get released.  It includes all six movies and a massive amount of never before seen bonus features.  It should be awesome!  If you pre-order now, you can score each movie for around $15 a piece, which is a great deal.

Any takers?

17 thoughts on “The Force Is Strong With This One”

  1. I’m pretty sure you own this series on every form of media possible. I won’t even bother telling you you’re an idiot for buying this again….

    As for me, I’m gonna wait till the series gets released in Holographic form. That will be something!

  2. Don’t worry Jarrod… Steven just doesn’t understand quality! I got your back!

    Buying this for sure too! I find my Star Wards DVDs to have the best sound of all DVD movies out there. I will expect the same for Blurays!

  3. Don’t worry I almost never listen to Steven :-P

    I have bought this series on virtually every format known to man and will continue to do so until I’m satisfied…which will never happen. I’m hoping this is the best version ever released and I’m sure it will be. Have you picked up Back to the Future Pat?

  4. Oh Back to the Future I rented only. Same with the Aliens saga.

    I thought the Aliens bluray adaptation was pretty crappy and the movies themselves didn’t age well.

    But the Back to the Futures we’re great!


    Rent at best. The first one has the best picture so you know too… (In case you rent the first and think it’s not so bad)

    But yeah… Not worth the money.

  6. Poor Steven indeed. You need to buy all these movies a million times Steven. Pretend it’s Resident Evil, you’d buy that a million times over wouldn’t you? Sure you would!

  7. Hey Pat, which Alien movie did you find look like garbage? I had the chance to see portions from Alien and Aliens and both looks quite spectacular given their age. I didn’t get to see anything of Aline 3 or Resurrection though. What I noticed from Aliens was a few scenes where the color timing seemed off, but as for a restoration it was extremely cleaned up. Alien was the biggest winner from what little I saw.

    So yeah, give me some info my man. I’m curious to know exactly what turned you off in terms of the restoration.

  8. I found Alien to be the only winner. And that’s only visual wise. The audio was bad for all of them. I know they’re old movies and can’t do much with them but Back to the Future got a way better transfer!

    My main point was that if you have the Aliens on DVD then there’s no point in upgrading to bluray and pay another 100$ or so.

  9. Oh, I thought it be worth mentionning:

    The audio was to the point where I didn’t mind using Headphones over my sound system. Now that’s pretty serious!

  10. Wow that is serious. I may have to rent the films to see just for myself. I was scanning through a few BD sites and everyone says the first two are where its at, but they typically give the audio a 4.5/5 or a 9/10 which is nothing to scoff at.

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