Mortal Kombat Rebirth Picked Up as a Webisode Series!

Not all dreams are picture perfect, but you’ll surely gain something when you aim high. That is what newbie director Kevin Tancharoen has achieved when he set the mood for a film (in the form of a trailer) based on Mortal Kombat. It’s been almost a year since its viral release…and the internet has not stopped promoting it. Over three million views on YouTube, not to mention the buzz surrounding it, practically begs for this project to be picked up by Warner Brothers. Kevin’s directional debut and critical flop (but commercially successful), a remake of 1980’s Fame, is almost nonexistent because of one measly trailer.

While Warner Bros. aren’t giving him a full movie treatment, there’s the next best thing; a 10-part webisode series. In my mind, this may flesh out his ambitions even more since they’re not confined to a specific theater screen time. Additionally, I can understand Warner Bros. being wary despite the trailer’s critical acclaim. Put into account the following: video game movies typically flop critically & commercially (including the old Mortal Kombat films), and Kevin doesn’t exactly have weight behind his director status. The franchise has waned over the years, and during this important time of rebooting it under WB’s label everything has to be perfect. Mortal Kombat doesn’t need another wide flop or failure, so webisodes are the next best thing in my mind. Even if disaster strikes, it won’t be as bad and people will most likely forget about the whole thing in time….just like Dead Rising Sun, a poor and even campier adaptation of the Dead Rising franchise.

Head over to Kevin Tancharoen’s twitter and congratulate him for this amazing feat! Your words may encourage him to make the best videogame screen adaptation ever!

Source: Kotaku

One thought on “Mortal Kombat Rebirth Picked Up as a Webisode Series!”

  1. This is very interesting news Ahmed. It’s a real shame that something like this couldn’t have been made into a feature-length picture, but I fully understand the studios situation. By the same token this should act as a good indicator for the WB. If this does really well then perhaps they’ll think of expanding it.

    I think a lot is riding on reboot as well. If that bombs then who knows what’ll happen.

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