Sony Holding Special PSP2 Unveiling January 27th

On January 27th Sony will be holding a special press conference in Japan.  Now that Nintendo has revealed all there is to know about the 3DS, sources tell us this press event is where Sony plans to formally announce the PSP2.  I figured it might be interesting to lay down everything we currently know about the device before its formal unveiling.  It should give you a clear idea of what Sony plans to do in order to prevent Nintendo from having yet another runaway success…if that’s even possible.

What we know

This isn't the PSP2, but rather the original concept image shown for the PSP. Will the PSP2 look similar?

The PSP2 is not the PS Phone.  I think that’s a very important distinction to make right now.  The PS Phone, whenever it finally gets announced, will feature PSP1-graphics and have access to a unique version of the PlayStation Store.  Sony plans to keep the PSP2 and the PS Phone as far away from each other as possible.  In other words, they want you to buy both of them.

What we think we know

UMDs are gone, but there will be some sort of physical media, likely flash carts.  Sources suggest all AAA software will be physical-based only.  The PlayStation Store will continue to be where users can download PSP1 games and tiny software like what’s currently featured on Apple’s App Store.

The PSP2 is supposed to be roughly half as powerful as the PS3, but given the small screen real-estate the games are said to look almost as good as early PS3 offerings such as Resistance and the original Uncharted.  Sony will once again be pushing the power aspect of the portable as the main draw.  Apparently there’s even a Uncharted spin-off game in the works that showcases the true potential of the platform.

Hardware-wise the PSP2 is said to feature a stunningly rich screen in a similar vein to the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, although the screen size is supposed to be larger.  There will be two analog nubs this time around and the back of the system is said to have a touch interface.  Rumours suggest we might even see a gyroscope and force feedback.  Apparently the screen will not be a touch screen because Sony doesn’t want anything obstructing the view of the games.  Finally we have been hearing a lot of chatter about the inclusion of a front facing camera and a rear facing camera.  The idea is to allow video chatting while playing online.

Full PSN integration.  That’s right, the same friends list, trophies and everything else you’ve come to expect.  Imagine a more streamlined version of what’s currently offered on the PSP1.

No 3D?  That’s right.  According to a variety of sources Sony has no plans to offer any 3D playback on the PSP2.  They’re keeping 3D the centerpiece of the PS3 experience.  Developers have said the exclusion of 3D tech within the PSP2 has allowed Sony to focus on power performance and keep development costs low.

What we really have no clue about

There’s only one aspect of the new portable we know virtually nothing about, and that’s the look.  According to just about everyone who has touched the device it has never looked the same twice.  Some say it looks very similar to the PSP Go, while others say it looks almost exactly like the original PSP.  Whatever the case may be I’m sure Sony won’t put out a portable that looks ugly.

Anything else?

Much like what I did yesterday for the big 3DS reveal, I plan to do the same for the PSP2.  If Sony doesn’t use next week’s conference for the PSP2 than I honestly have no clue what they plan to talk about.  I suppose all that’s left now is to ask you all a question…are you interested in what Sony has cooking to counter the 3DS?

8 thoughts on “Sony Holding Special PSP2 Unveiling January 27th”

  1. I’m interested for sure, but I was really hoping for a phone to be included cause I don’t wanna have to carry around 2 devices.

    1. I was hoping they would do the same or at least offer an iPhone/iPod Touch situation. In this case it’s really sounding like the PSP2 will be completely different than the PS Phone. We’ll know for certain next week.

  2. Quick update for those interested. Look like the PSP2 will have 3G access, but no phone. Apparently Sony has changed their minds and the screen will indeed be a touchscreen. Further speculation is that said screen will be of the OLED nature, meaning it’ll be one sexy looking screen. More will be revealed on the 27th, no doubt about it.

  3. Damn it! Why 3G but no phone? At least they better have XMB and linked PSN accounts for trophies :D

    1. They will Pat, but I’m hearing the reason why no phone is simply because they want complete control over this product and future designs. With a phone they lose some of that control to Sony Ericsson.

  4. It will be phone or I will laugh my ass off at sony. It doesn’t make sense, not to at this point. they have to have a phone with the psp2. If not now maybe in a future sku.

    1. I thought the same as you, but based on everything I’m hearing that won’t be the case. They don’t want Ericsson associated with the PSP2 at all. Don’t ask, I don’t get it either.

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