More PS2 HD Collections On The Way

By now you’ve likely heard the rumor from the PlayStation Official Magazine UK about MGS 1, 2, & 3 heading to the PS3 in an HD collection.  What you may not know is that Sony seems to be making some serious bank on these collections and we’ve heard they have plans to bring back quite a few classics including the Ratchet & Clank trilogy and the Jak series.  This is purely rumors at this point, but we have it on good authority that both of these will be making their way to the PS3 and will be announced at E3 later this year.

I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time now, but if you had the opportunity to decide what trilogy or series of games to bring to the PS3 in HD, what would you bring and why?

8 thoughts on “More PS2 HD Collections On The Way”

  1. Crash bandicoot is one of my fave classics but since there on the ps store i doubt they would do an hd collection for it !!

    1. There might be some complications with the rights. I’m not entirely are if Sony would be allowed to redistribute the titles without having the concent of Universal, etc. I could be wrong though so who knows. What I can say is that even though the games were on the PS1 and already released to the PS Store it doesn’t mean they won’t be up for HD update status. Just look at the original MGS. ;)

  2. I like the sound of Ratchet and Clank and Jax and Daxter collections!

    As for the MGS one I won’t have a choice but to platinum that! Sad part is I just played all 4 MGSs this summer…. WITHOUT trophies :(

  3. See how much interest there is for this. I said MS should have done this years ago, released HD versions of classic Xbox title except with achievements. It appears that wrong company heard me. Oh well, Sony fans are really going to luck out on this. I know I’m right there with Pat on getting a platinum in that MGS collection, ie all three platinums ;)

    Good choices all around guys.

  4. Dite a quelli di Insomniac Games che quella di Ratchet&Clank non è una trilogia,ma una serie composta da quattro episodi ufficiali(quelli per PS2,ovviamente),quindi nella collection di Ratchet&Clank deve essere incluso anche Ratchet Gladiator!

    1. @Yusuf Ziliotto: Oh, vuoi dire Ratchet: destra Deadlocked? Penso che sia come si chiama in Nord America. Questo è quello con il multiplayer online, se non sbaglio? Penso che sia una specie di sfida per loro questo porta su PS3 dato che dovrà riscrivere il codice online da zero e rendere più server … il che non vale la pena se mi chiedete.

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