Matrix 4 3D On The Way, Along With Tron 3?

There have been some mighty big rumors going around Hollywood these past few days.  While our very own Timothy Magana was nice enough to provide a link to the Matrix story, he was too lazy to actually write something on the site for you all.  That’s why I’m here though, at least you can count on me.  Between playing LittleBigPlanet 2, relaxing and working I find the time to deliver the goods.  So enough chit-chat, let’s get to the meat of it.

Matrix 4 & 5 3D!!!

If you’re reading this site there’s a very good chance you enjoyed at least one of the Matrix movies.  If you’re like me, you enjoyed all of them…but preferred the original ;)  Anyways Mr. Keanu Reeves was the guest of honor at the London school of performing arts and he had quite a few interesting things to say during his keynote speech.  He talked a bit about making Bill & Ted 3 which he’s committed to making happen.  Then he dropped the bomb saying that the Wachowski brothers will be making another two Matrix movies and have already spokenw tih James Cameron to ask a few questions about his 3D technology and filming techniques.  Apparently Keanu has already met with the brothers to discuss where they want to take the series moving forward.

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen the original trilogy, I’m kind of curious how they plan to make this happen.  Then again, everything that happened in the movies was part of a computer program.  Speaking of computer programs, it looks like everyone’s favorite neon biker riders will be coming back if the Blu-ray release of Tron Legacy is anything to go by.

AICN has a really great write-up describing the teaser for Tron 3 that’s said to be included on the DVD and BD release.   I don’t want to spoil anything, but the very fact a teaser appears on the disc is exciting because it means Disney must be serious about a sequel.  I’ve been a longtime fan of Tron for years and really dug Legacy even though it had its fair share of problems.  I’d love to see where they take the series moving forward.

So there you have it, two big juicy rumors for you all to sink your teeth into.  What are you thoughts on this?

9 thoughts on “Matrix 4 3D On The Way, Along With Tron 3?”

  1. Yeah I wonder how they’re gonna make it happen too… But hopefully they’ll blow our minds again with awesome never before seen special effects!

  2. Ahh man that would be cool. :) Trinity is dead in the real world though… witch isn’t really a problem but Neo is going to be on a major downer all the time lol… Oh wait, that’s right, he is dead in the real world as well. It sure seemed like it anyways. There was not a doubt in my mind he was dead at the end.

    Maybe the spiky machine carries a defibrillator around all the time! :)

    Really though. I can’t wait.

  3. I hope the way they bring him back makes sense though. (In a sci-fi way) Or else I will have problems with it.

  4. Well now that spoilers are out in the open lol,

    I’m wondering what will push Neo as it was always love and like you said, Trinity is dead…. :(

    The only thing I can think of that would make sense is that his attempt at ending the enless loop has failed and they start over again….

  5. Ya but how to bring him back?

    My best guess is we will see an uneasy “peace” between the humans and machines. You might have some fundamentalist rebels on each side sabotaging each others efforts at at lasting peace(and other mega projects, see below) and blaming it on the other guys….(And no i’m not just talking about the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict)
    All the while they might face an even bigger threat… saaay peanut butter shortages DURING an economic downturn. I know, I know. Holy fuck.

    Could they maybe try and reclaim the top side? (earth surface) and make it livable again trough some massive geoengineering project? Then grow some crops and live happily ever after? I’m thinking this will be the final shot…

    Hopefully there will be some 3D lovemaking, a fight or big disappointment between the lovers then some more lovemaking somewhere in there, or else its a fail.

    What am I missing…

  6. Well guys this was great listening to your wacky ideas but Aintitcool just confirmed this was a hoax. The Tron 3 info is real, but apparently Keanu was never at that event. Sorry to mislead you guys but I did say it was a rumor.

    You might as well continue with your insanity.

  7. I am disappointed, but I also marvel at the possibilities. I will sell my Ideas to the Waskokokokoki brothers ands make millions! Its a classic in the making! Watch out hollywood! Here I come!

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