PlayStation Phone Officially Unveiled

Ok so it’s not ‘officially’ official yet, but this is about as close as you can get.  Engadget has a ridiculous amount of information on the new handheld, except for all the parts you care about…gaming.  I’m not going to steal all of their coverage, but let’s at least look at what’s under the hood.

First off, the device is supposed to be formally unveiled within the next three weeks at Mobile World Congress (MWC).  It will NOT be the PSP2, which gets announced tomorrow.  In fact, the phone won’t even be called ‘PlayStation’ at all.  It’s going to be called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play phone.  That’s right, no PlayStation anywhere in sight.  The hardware looks exactly as you’ve seen in the hundred or so pictures you’ve seen leaked from China.  In fact the unit Engadget got its hands on looks exactly like those models, and even acts like it.  That means the Play icon still doesn’t work, but based on their calculations this is essentially a PSP wrapped around a phone.

Speaking of hardware, here’s what we know.  The screen is a 4-inch multi-touch 854 x 480 LCD.  It’s bright and easily capable of displaying lush 3D graphics the PSP has been known for.  Rumour has it that the Xperia Play is powered by the Bravia engine for superior video playback.   We’ll have to wait for MWC to find out if there’s any truth behind the rumour.

Engadget was able to confirm the phone has a single-core processor although they don’t know whether or not it’s the Qualcomm MSM8655 as some sites have been claiming.  The processor clocks in at 122.88MHz to 1GHz.  The GPU is one Adreno 205, and the phone comes with a beefy 512MB of RAM.  3G access and 802.11n WiFi are provided by a Broadcom BCM4329 chip, but Engadget was unable to get WiFi working.  They’re hoping it’s because of a missing driver, and I’m also hoping that’s the case because if a prototype model has a basic problem like this, that doesn’t bode well.  Anyways, let’s not get too carried away.   The chip is also capable of Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, and FM receiver plus transmitter.

With the basic hardware specs disclosed, I’ll leave you with two videos Engadget posted.  For complete information be sure to check out  They reveal everything from the phone’s feel to build quality and more.

One final question for all of you.  Does this interest you?  Were you hoping for the PSP2 to be the PS Phone?  Are you saddened that the likelihood of an officially produced ‘PlayStation’ phone is all but dead now?  Voice your comments below!

2 thoughts on “PlayStation Phone Officially Unveiled”

  1. Yeah…. I’m disappointed they’re not together in one portable device :(

    The phone sounds…. like a phone, nothing special. Luckily the PSP2 sounds amazing! Favorite part is the trophies! :)

    1. Well it turns out there isn’t a phone at all. It’s the PlayStation Suite that’s been announced so technically there is no PlayStation Phone at all. This PS Suite will be ported over to virtually any Android device that’s capable of handling it.

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