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I never had the chance to do something like this with the 3DS before it was officially announced, but I do with the PSP2.  In another three hours or so Sony will officially lift the lid off the new portable and all its wacky features.  Every media site worth its name in minidiscs is making predictions on what will be announced.  I figured I’d combine everything I’ve seen and then mix it all together and spit out something completely ridiculous.  So what follows is a wish list of features, games and hardware I hope Sony to announce.  Keep in mind, this is completely bogus and Sony will likely shy away from virtually everything I’ve mentioned here.  So let’s begin!


Here’s a good feature to start with, price.  Number one on my wish list is an affordable price.  With the rumors of a system half as powerful as the PS3, capable of teleporting your friends into space and a dishwasher, everyone expects this bad boy to retail for upwards of $299.99+.  I’m hoping Sony throws us a curveball and it retails for $249.99USD.  Remember that this is going to be a Japanese press conference and that in Japan the 3DS will retail for approximately $300USD.  Basically what I’m saying is, I want to see price the PSP2 to match the 3DS in all regions.

Touch me baby!  I really expect the PSP2 to have at least one touch-enabled surface.  If they leave out a touch screen that will really surprise me given the DS, 3DS and iPhone all have touch screens.  Heck virtually every new phone announced has a touch screen.  This business about a trackpad on the rear of the portable just sounds…weird.  If Sony can make it work with a killer app I might shut-up, but for now I’m really not sure about this.  In a perfect world we’d get a portable with 16 touch surfaces because you can never touch a sexy looking piece of technology enough.

FULL PlayStation Network integration.  This was one of the main reasons I stopped playing with the PSP…well that and virtually no new games getting released.  If Sony announces the PSP2 and doesn’t announce full trophy support, a real-time version of the PSN, etc I’m going to smack myself in the face.  In truth, I would like to see Sony go one step further and USE the 3G features of the system to create a new version of the PSN that’s always on, always ready and always…doing something.  Evolve what was started on the PSP and PS3.  Make me a believer all over again because right now I’m really on the fence.

PSP/PS1/PS2 playback.  That’s right, not only do I want a new version of the PSN, I want Sony to release PS2 releases on a new version of the PlayStation Store.  It’s about time!  This would really get people talking, and if they said some BS about the platform having the emotion engine inside they could keep it exclusive to the portable.  I can’t imagine that, but hey this is a wacky wish list what can I say.  If the platform can’t play PS1 and PSP classics well then that just won’t make any sense at all.


A videogame platform is only as good as its best games.  How often have we said that over the years, right?  It’s the truth though.  When Nintendo announced the 3DS I basically looked through all the announced software and said “ok, is there anything not on this platform?”  Sony needs to do the same, except they need to make a bigger impact.  So what exactly do I want to see, oh I don’t know, how about…

A new GTA.  Remember Liberty City Stories, well I thought that was awesome.  I really did.  It’s time Sony got Rockstar onboard and made the PSP2 what the PS3 should have been, a powerhouse exclusive platform of choice.  What better way of doing that than with a brand new GTA.

A new MGS.  Kojima-san wasn’t too pleased with the sales of his last portable offering, but I hope Sony convinces him to try again on the PSP2.  If its true that the machine can pump out visuals almost as good as the PS3, then just imagine what he could do.

I saw this one on three other websites so I just had to add it, Final Fantasy VII-Remake.  Sure it has been teased for years, but what if Sony said make it for the PSP2 instead of the PS3.  This way it would be exclusive and the entire planet would flip out.  With trophy support, a 3G version of the PSN, FFVII-R would be the fanboy’s dream come true.

Syphon Filter.  The PSP offerings were some of the best action games I’ve played in years.  With two analog sticks they could make the SF I’ve been waiting my whole life for.  You know you want this, I know I want this, Sony, make this happen!

Given all the support Nintendo has for the 3DS I don’t know how realistic these wishes are, but that’s part of the fun.

Final Comments

The PSP2 is a reality, but so too is the fact that I barely use any portables outside my iPhone.  How is Sony going to change my mind?  Nintendo wasn’t able to do it with the 3DS and virtually all the support it could muster.  What can Sony possibly do to compete?  I can think of a few things, and it starts with trophy support.  Just that would almost assure you PS3 fans would jump onboard, and if they can pump out software leagues better than the 3DS at the exact same price-point, well that would surely make it a contender…right?

I’ll be updating the news tomorrow with all the announcements from Sony’s press conference and should any of the above come true, I’ll be sure to add in some bragging rights.  Meanwhile, we’re still a few hours out before the big reveal.  What features are you hoping for, and/or what games are you crossing your fingers for?

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