The Old Republic Gets Delayed

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been delayed until an undetermined date sometime in September.  While that’s better than TBA, it’s still a little further off than its original Spring 2011 target date. The story originates from MCV which have a good track record for reporting delays.

Since I’ve got your attention here, I’ve been meaning to ask all those KOTOR fans out there whether they’re excited for this MMO or will ignore it completely.  BioWare says the game’s universe is larger than all their other games put together.  Now if you’ve played any BioWare games before you should know that this statement is really something.  Imagine Mass Effect, Knight of the Old Republic and Jade Empire put together.  That doesn’t even include all their other games.

I’ve never been into MMOs myself simply because I like playing a variety of games and I’ve always felt an MMO was far too demanding.  Then there are members like Mal and Tim who play countless hours of WoW.

So where do you fit in.  Don’t forget to answer the above question either.  It’s important I know this so that I can sit here and say “wow, I know something completely useless and inconsequential about our readers.”  It’s the little things in life that move me.

4 thoughts on “The Old Republic Gets Delayed”

  1. :) I am exited about this game in concept… The early builds were supposedly not that good but I have heard good things recently so its looking up. I am not upset in the least by its delay as wow and minecraft will keep me occupied till then :)

    I am also glad that you care Jarrod, really, I heart you!

  2. I heart you too. I think I’m going to cry *tear*

    I really wish they made a new KOTOR. I know I’ll never play an MMO because of all the other games I need to play for the site, for me, and for humanity. It’s a shame too because the concept sounds completely bad ass.

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