NGP & Battery Life…Good Or Bad News???

Like I’ve said in my previous articles, all day today I’ve been compiling information on the new device.  With the 3DS no one was willing to speak, they all wanted to save the info for the one blowout event.  Here it’s a bit different as the device isn’t technically being fully revealed.  We have no idea of the cost, the SKUs or very much of anything else.  We know what it’ll look like, and what a few demos look like, but that’s it.  One glaring omission, besides EA not being mentioned on the official list of third parties, is how long the battery life will be.

One developer says it’ll be longer than the first generation PSP, but Sony says their target is to keep it in line with the PSP-3000, which means it’ll be around the same 3 to 5 hours the 3DS has.  That’s interesting because it’s yet another way the two systems seem to be on more equal footing this time around.

Given the power of the platform, but the lack of moving parts, and the resourcefulness of the OLED screen it’s looking like the battery won’t be taking as big a hit as we originally feared.  That’s very good news for everyone involved.  Oh and load times are apparently much better than anything on the PSP.

5 thoughts on “NGP & Battery Life…Good Or Bad News???”

  1. Quote from my other reply:

    “As for battery life, if Sony does like the first PSP and makes detachable batteries then I’ll be happy. It’s obvious that the first version of both Nintendo and Sony’s handhelds are limited to 4 to 5 hours of game time, which sucks. What can you do though? In Sony’s case as long as the battery is detachable then all I have to do is look forward to the double battery storage pack. With the 3DS, however, I know that I’ll regret being an early adapter of the handheld when the 3DSi will hit next year. :P”

    1. I’ll repeat what I said in the other post, you’re screwed lol. Sony confirmed no detachable batteries because of the trackpad on the back of the system.

  2. You’re probably right Ahmed. But I honestly never had problems with the 4 – 6 hours battery life my PSP-3000 has.

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