NGP Gameplay Video Showcasing Killzone, Uncharted And More

It may not be very long, but Game On managed to record some footage of big games like Uncharted, Killzone, WipEout and more in a gameplay montage during the press conference.  Engadget also scored some great footage.  I hope you enjoy.


12 thoughts on “NGP Gameplay Video Showcasing Killzone, Uncharted And More”

  1. I’d love to get an original Uncharted. My only fear is that Sony will get a ton of PS3 titles ported to the platform. That’s not what they need, they need original titles that people want to take with them.

  2. Sure that would be good. But this generation is all about sequals….

    Oh and I prefer sequals over remakes like the 3DS seems to be getting.

  3. Ok maybe I didn’t make myself clear, I LOVE sequels. My fear is that Sony will simply port over the original Uncharted or Uncharted 2 and leave it at that. Almost like Uncharted Mini or whatever. I don’t want that. I really hated that with the original PSP, how Sony simply ported over a ton of PS1 games and then released PS1 Classics a few years later. What I want here are NEW games, not simply ported PS3 games. If they give me new games, sequels, or whatever I’ll be a happy boy, but if we only get “another” version of the same game, well that’s bogus.

  4. Actually that started up right after launch when they started to port over PS1 games like Medieval and games like that. From what developers are saying today it sounds like they want to avoid that or maybe do something really crazy, allow you to buy a Special Edition version of the PS3 copy, which then unlocks the same game on your PSP2, and you can play and swap saved data via the cloud. This sounds really far fetched but hey, who knows.

  5. Yeah that sounds pretty good. They’d probably had to hold back on the games that’s available for though…. I mean they wouldn’t be able to put Killzone, Heavy Rain, Uncharted, GOW III ect.

  6. It’s still a very interesting idea. If EA were to charge say $79.99 for the Ultimate Edition of Madden 2012 for example. This version is exclusive to the PS3, but includes a PSP2 version and full interoperability between the two releases. The regular version goes for $59.99, so technically the PSP2 version is only $20 extra. I know many people that would adore something like this. The only thing is, is that realistic?

    So long as we get a steady stream of brand new games, sequels, etc I’m sure we’ll be fine.

  7. Heh, yeah it’s too early to tell what we’ll get. But the possibilities are there for sure!

  8. People are starting to pick up on the cloud save feature coming with PS3 firmware 3.6. If that does indeed happen it will surely make the PSP2 all the more interesting because it could grant features we currently know nothing about.

  9. Cool shit! That’s what I love about Sony. They take risks and that brings new technology.

  10. It’s really looking like this will happen Pat. Apparently we’ll get the cloud features starting with the next firmware on the PS3, and they’ll be fully integrated with the PSP2. This could be quite an interesting feature moving forward.

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