Quick thoughts on this year’s All-Star game

The new draft formula introduced this year was a great success. The Super-Skills event were also fantastic. The problem, like every year, lies with the game itself. The players don’t hit, don’t back-check and barely put any effort into the game. I understand the no hitting, after-all, who wants to get injured during an all-star game? However, the league needs to figure out a way to make the players want to win this game. Everyone seems to suggest some kind of outcome for the winner. Kind of like the MLB’s All-Star game, some suggest that giving the winning team home-ice advantage during the finals could help. I doubt it. Plus it wouldn’t work with the new formula as players are no longer separated into conferences during the game.

I do have some solutions however. My problem with these games is that I don’t really care who wins and who loses. One of the cool aspects about this year’s edition was that the crowd was cheering for Staal’s team. The NHL should have capitalized on this. Why in the hell would they put that stupid horn when the visiting team scored? They should try to create some ambiance by making the crowd cheer for a team. That way, the players might get some energy out of it and give a good show for the crowd. It’s a start, but I doubt this would solve everything. Again, we need to get the players involved here. Which brings me to my final solution. Make an NHL All-Star team versus a regular NHL team. For example, if the game’s in Caroline, make the all-stars battle it out against the Hurricanes. That way, the crowd will totally be into it and maybe even the players. The host town should always play against the league’s best. Heck, in 2009, Montreal was the host city. They could have even form and all-star habs team and include such legends like Patrick Roy and Guy Lafleur with the rest of the regular lineup. Since this is an exhibition game anyway, these guys wouldn’t get hurt and could play limited minutes at the worst.

Next year’s edition is in Ottawa. I don’t expect any changes at all to the formula. Still, I would really like to see the Sens host the game and play against the All-Stars. Heck, this could be a truly intense game. The fact that the All-Stars would be superior would force the Senators to play like it was a real game (minus checking). This would have a domino effect and would force the All-Stars to play too. Now this would be a game I would watch. No matter what sport you play, an athlete usually doesn’t like losing. This format would give them an excuse to try and win the game. Heck, the league used to do something similar back in the day when it had the Stanley Cup Champions host the game. I believe this format would make for an exciting 60 minutes, not just the final 2 like this year proved.

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  1. Not so sure about that Pat. These are still NHL caliber players. We see 3rd or 4th lines score goals all the time against NHL elite 1st lines. It happens. On paper the all-stars would have an advantage, but that doesn’t mean much.

    Just look at Team Canada vs USA during the olympics. On paper, USA had no business, and I mean no chance at all at being competitive against Canada. Yet they won a game and forced the final into overtime.

    Heck, I know you’re a habs fan. Would you have bet your house that the Habs would have defeated Washington or Pittsburgh in a best of 7 series last year? No one would. So yeah, I think the host would make it competitive for a single game.

    Plus, you have to keep in mind that the all-stars aren’t used to playing with each other, and like all all-stars game, have a pass first, shoot later mentality.

  2. Funny that I’m reading about hockey on one of my gaming sites :P

    No one seems to have liked the All Star game itself but no one had a solution to it. What you came up with is the first solution I’ve heard so far and I think it’s not that bad. The only problem is the home team would be crushed for sure.

    Oh and adding old players would just make it harder for the home team as they can’t possibly keep up with today’s game.

  3. Pat, this isn’t today’s game. It’s barely an exhibition game.

    I don’t think the home team would get crushed for a few reasons:

    1. The home-team is used to playing together.
    2. It’s an all-star game, the all-stars wouldn’t be putting much effort into it…. until they see that the home team is into it which could create an intense game.
    3. The crowd factor.

  4. You forget the most important part. A home team is based on salary cap and might have 1 or 2 players at the caliber that the all star team would have.

    Against the home team’s 3rd and 4th line, an all star line would have so much fun it would be ridiculous.

  5. Yeah… I know what your saying… but still… not sold that a house team would do better.

    I do like the idea of cheering for a team though.

  6. Hehehe, interesting how this “hockey” news got more message board activities from you than anything else in a long time! :D

  7. Are you really surprised Pat? lol. This is Steven we’re talking about here, remember.

    Oh and I’m working on something omega special for this year’s E3 so you’ll really feel like you’re on our road-trip. More info later unless Steven’s already spoiled it.

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