11 thoughts on “Who Needs Call of Duty When You’ve Got…Duty Calls?”

  1. LOL I am finding it funny when everybody else doesn’t. That make me feel less part of the mainstream thought and furthers my longtime goal of being an individual of independent though, contrarian in nature, of uniqueness of ultimateness TO THE MAX!

  2. How dare all of you! What makes this video so interesting is how in the face it is. That and the fact Activision has said nothing about it. Cliffy B took a chance making something like this, and every media outlet in the world ran with it. I thought for sure you guys would have something to say about this, not so much the video itself, more the politics behind it.

  3. lawl My favorite parts were the “bloody screen, intense”. They have said nothing about it? I haven’t yet played the single player “beacuase” (did anybody get that?) of partly this “reson”. FPS single player are a bit similar and I am taking a break I guess. Not that they aren’t good but they aren’t fresh.

  4. You know you can download this game as well, right? Duty Calls is available to play through, but it comes in quite heavy and you need a somewhat modern-ish PC to play it. I posted this news story from my iPhone, which is why it wasn’t longer than a few words. I just wanted you guys to see the video, but yeah, there’s an actual demo you can try and everything.

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