Another Halo HD Remake Makes The Rounds

Some time ago a VP at Microsoft said ideally they would like to release a new Halo every year.  That appears to be coming to fruition.  Joystiq has a story up that seems to be pretty well spot on with the rumblings I’ve heard over the past year to year and a half.  If you’re interested in Halo HD, this is the news you’ve been waiting for.

According to Joystiq’s latest rumour, Saber Interactive are the ones developing the game, but are not using the Reach engine, instead using something entire different.  Saber developed TimeShift and the upcoming Inversion.

Players can look forward to lush 1080p visuals, entirely new art assets, and even 3D functionality.  The original voice acting will remain intact, for those worried.  Obviously this is still a rumour at this point in time, but all these allegations are coming from somewhere.  As the old saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire.  343 Industries, Microsoft’s in-house team, is overseeing the project along with the ‘other’ Halo game in the works.  We expect full details to be released later this summer at E3.

Keep in mind that we’re in the ten year anniversary for the series so this HD remake makes a lot of sense.   The final bit of news we have is the supposed release date, November 15, 2011.  Are you ready to jump back into the original Halo?

For me, I’m kind of in the middle.  While I loved the original Halo, the chance to maybe have an online co-op mode is enticing, but I don’t want them to touch the story.  Release this for $30, give it a fresh coat of paint, improve the multiplayer and I’ll certainly check it out.  I know my brother would be all over this if it hits.  I’m also fairly certain it will be true because there’s no way MS would miss an opportunity to make millions to cash in on the tenth anniversary of their number one franchise.  Obviously my biggest fear if Microsoft destroying the series by milking it to death.  We DO NOT need a new Halo every single year.  I think even Call of Duty is really starting to wear thin, but hey, who am I?

8 thoughts on “Another Halo HD Remake Makes The Rounds”

  1. Yeah Call of Duty should skip this year, even if Mordern Warfare 3 is pretty much guaranteed to get released this year. It’ll be like Guitar Hero soon….

  2. Activision will continue to release this series yearly until the sales start to dry up. At this point I can’t blame them since the series doesn’t appear to have capped out yet. I’m just tiring of the war-theme in general. I really don’t want this to happen with Halo. At least Halo is still special in my eyes, but who knows how long that will last.

  3. True about call of duty tho but for some reason people still go for more.. me halo i actually loved the first 1 and the second one but actually got bored of it and just played the third one to finish the story for some reason the game in general died for me even if it was a great journey!!!

  4. I did try out reach actually i had rented it and finished it in a week but to me the campaign was great but it stops there for me everything feels the same it could just be not my type of shooter anymore lol i just felt like they didn’t change alot during each halo in a way i guess they never had too really no point in changing something that isn’t broken but i supose for me it felt like playing the same thing i supose!!!

  5. I’m a different kind of Halo player. For me I really loved the original Halo, and then parts 2 and 3 were just alright. I found Reach to be right up there with the original, and it’s why I’m interested in an HD remake.

  6. If Halo comes out in HD, I’ll buy it. That simple. Reach was amazing. Best single player campaign in a shooter in quite a long time, IMO.

  7. I’ll give them a chance. Hopefully this new studio in charge of the franchise makes fans proud, otherwise the whole thing could go up in flames.

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