COE Exclusive – SCEC’s Matt Levitan Hypes The NGP

Our good bud, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada’s Matt Levitan had the chance to answer just a few questions I had for him.  Given the NGP is still in the developmental stages I couldn’t ask too much, but I basically wanted him to hype up the new portable for all you readers out there.  Here’s what he had to say.

Given the PSP performed really well (60+ million unit sales worldwide), but had a few hiccups along the way, how do you plan to target the Canadian market and say “we’re here with a brand new portable, forget about any past problems and let’s look ahead to this amazing device?”

I would definitely agree with you that selling over 60 million PSP’s worldwide was a great achievement and something we’re happy with on a global level.  The original PSP was our first attempt at a handheld gaming device and in 2005 when it launched it had a strong competitive advantage over everything in the market.  Moving ahead to the 2011 and the market has changed quite a bit and there is a lot more competition in this space.  When we redesigned the PSP to create the NGP, we took both consumer suggestions (dual analog sticks) and current tech trends (touch screens, 3G, etc) and married them together for a much more dynamic gaming experience.

How do you plan to differentiate the NGP against the increasingly popular iPhone/iOS devices and the upcoming 3DS?

We’ve always believed that the PSP is a much more console experience on the go, as opposed to the shorter bite-sized game experiences on the iPhone or iPad.  We truly take that philosophy to the next level with the NGP.  With the advanced CPU/GPU and 5 inch OLED screen you are getting graphics and gameplay that is close to being on par with a PS3.  That’s a major statement to consumers, having that same experience to take with you wherever you go.  Having Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS, the NGP has the connectability to rival anything else available today so playing Call of Duty or Uncharted online with friends from thousands of miles away becomes a reality.

In a nutshell, why should our readers be excited about Sony latest portable?

Sony has proven in the last few decades that it has a commitment to gamers and entertainment enthusiasts to push the boundaries of technology.  Bringing forth CD-Rom, DVD and Blu-ray formats has changed the way people play games today.  We look to innovate once again with the NGP.  Just looking at the screens of Uncharted or WipEout and you get a sense of the quality and resolution of the games we’re shooting for.  In the end, it’s all about the games, and looking at Call of Duty and some of the other titles shown and you get extremely excited!

We give Matt a big shout out for giving our readers a little extra attention.  You can be sure we’ll be interviewing Matt at E3 this year, and have a bunch of hands-on time with the device and all the initial software.  We’ll continue to provide you news and full coverage of the NGP right up its launch.

11 thoughts on “COE Exclusive – SCEC’s Matt Levitan Hypes The NGP”

  1. Oh that will never hold. If it does I’ll be really surprised. I’m honestly shocked they didn’t just call it the PSP2. Perhaps they want to move away from a numbering scheme?

    Anyways, I have a ton of other questions ready, but the system is just way too fresh and new. There’s no way anyone can answer the millions of thought provoking questions I have in my head. Glad you enjoyed just the same.

  2. They really call it the ngp:s? The systeme looks pretty sleak tho :)… last time i bought a psp it was the psp go and i was truly dissapointed witht the lack of games … if they make a way to make the selection better and even add sticks and not umd i’d probly be down for one of these… 3ds for some reason doesn’t interest me that much !!!!!

  3. There’s two analog sticks, 3G, a touch screen, a touch pad on the back and an extremely powerful CPU and GPU inside. The name will not be NGP so you can count on that. It does look pretty interesting and Sony will have to ensure it has a steady stream of quality software if they intend to compete with the other players.

  4. So long as you can comfortably hold the system and use the two analog sticks, this is going to be a winner. The first-person genre alone will explode on the system. Imagine Resistance, Half-Life, Call of Duty and the countless others that will see release on the NGP if the controls work exactly as they do on the PS3. I’m really looking forward to E3 in order to try this out.

    1. Yeah I’m not entirely sure how that would work to be perfectly honest. So long as you can easily shoot in a first-person shooter they should be fine. I’m sure some people will bitch, but some people bitch no matter what.

  5. I agree, it would have to be pretty thick too. And then ppl would bitch that it’s too big! Ppl will always have something to bitch about!

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