The Sly Collection Review

The Sly Collection (Available exclusively only on PS3)
ESRB Rating: E-E10+
Players: 1-4
Genre: Platformer/Compilation
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Sucker Punch/Sanzaru Games
Release Date: Nov 9, 2010

The Great:

Three of the PS2’s greatest platformers on one disc. If you missed the Sly series, why are you still reading this? Go by this now! Usually lumped in with fellow franchises Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank, the Sly games offered platforming at its purest on the system. Not only are all three fun to play, the stories and characters are among the most likable of the games I’ve played.  The series is charming and can win over anyone.  Not to mention enjoying these three games on one disc, in HD, is a fantastic deal.

The Good:

+ Gracefully aged. Obviously Sly-Sly 3 aren’t as technically advanced as games being pumped out today, but so much in them just feels right.  The past excellent polish has so far stood the test of time.  The HD upgrade provides a new coat of paint for the vibrant and colorful cel-shaded worlds. The overall style helps give the games a pass on the low poly-count, but it’s so cartoony and fun you won’t care.  The formula is still addictive, and it’s neat to witness how the series improved playing each game successively.   It started simple and was added upon, but favorably, not unnecessarily.

+ A fantastic deal.  You’ll get your money’s worth with Sly Collection.  You don’t need a PS2, and the HD visuals are superbly shiny!  And of course, trophy support and new Move-supported mini-games sweeten the experiences.  There’s not much to dislike.

+ A great introduction to Sly.  If you haven’t played these platformers for any reason, this set is worthwhile.  Sucker Punch teased us with Easter eggs in inFamous (some in this disc), and hopefully more Sly is coming.  Hence, there’s no better way to greet Mr. Sly.

The So-So:

± Shallow Move games. They support four people simultaneously, but have nothing to do with Sly.  They basically boil down to target-shooting, or piloting a vehicle through rings.  A DualShock 3 can be used, a Move isn’t needed.  Either way, the minis won’t hold your attention, but they’re good for trophies.

± Past glitches are still around. Aside from the visuals, these are straight ports.  The Sly titles are polished, but control/camera issues from before have been carried over.  Instances are few and far between, but some clean-up effort would have been nice.

The Lowdown

There isn’t much negative to point out about this compilation.  If you care for additional detail, take a gander at the reviews for the original games on our site archives.  I can’t stress enough how much of a bargain this three-games-on-one-disc is.  Sly is one of my most beloved PS2 franchises, and I’m confident that there are many of you who feel the same.  Buy this.  I can’t recommend it enough!

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