Minecraft Episode 1: Welcome To Our Jungle!

I said I wanted to talk about Minecraft and I finally have my chance. Please take a look at the video first, it’s surprisingly entertaining and an easy light viewing. Anyhow, we plan to make a whole bunch of other videos detailing different aspects of the game. You can look forward to our next video which will probably cover the basics of Minecraft as well as how to survive your first night. Anyone unfamiliar with the game will get a pretty good idea why over a million people have already purchased the beta.

Anyhow, why do I dig (get it) Minecraft so much? To be honest, I don’t really know. As you can see from the video, I don’t really have that much creativity. I spend most of my time mining. Mining is a pretty fun aspect of the game. It’s kind of like an adventure. You never know what you’re gonna encounter whether it’s zombies, a cave system, a dungeon or just some cool minerals. It’s always rewarding to finally find those extremely rare pieces of diamond you’ve been looking for, for the last hour or so. There’s tons of cool stuff you can find underground, diamonds aren’t the only minerals there. Even though Mal doesn’t understand why, my favourite rock to dig through is gold. I just love wearing gold armor and having a golden sword. Minecraft is all about style. You should see some of the crazy stuff people have built on YouTube. There’s one crazy fella who created a near-identical 1:1 scaled Enterprise! I’ve also seen a pretty cool video of the Death Star, although that one had to be cut back to about 1:60 for obvious reasons. One of my first and only brilliant ideas was to build an exact replica of an NHL rink. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough ice close to our home to do such a thing. We had to cut the dimensions by a third. Still though, our rink looks awesome! Definitely our Mona Lisa.

We do have our share of failures. I recently had an idea. I was inspired by our local town’s water tower and tried to recreate one. As the project advanced, I opted to make a giant pool for some reason. My plan was that we would probably need some kind of water system eventually in our town. With this beast, we could easily create some pipelines and have water circulate to wherever we wanted. On paper it sounds great but thanks to a few screw ups, it didn’t turn out so well. It was next to impossible to fill the whole thing with water and a creeper eventually destroyed a whole portion of it. That’s another thing about Minecraft, there’s always danger lurking around. I recently went on a mining trip to get some resources. I had a pretty good run with over 100 iron collected and some gold to go with it too. The problem is there was one last gold rock that was teasing me. It was a dangerous trip as it was surrounded by lava. I couldn’t resist though and quickly met my end. We tried to get my stuff back (you have about three minutes before it spawns out) but unfortunately, most was destroyed in the fire. Another time, I had a similar experience but was killed by monsters. You see, in Minecraft, monsters not only spawn at night, but they will also appear anywhere without light. If there’s something you won’t find in a cave, its light. That’s why I like to put torches everywhere even though it’s completely unnecessary. Better to be safe than sorry I always say.. or do I?

I’ve always loved playing with Lego as a child. However, with my lack of imagination, I could never play for long periods of times as I ended up creating the same things over and over again. I have a bit of the same problem with Minecraft. Which is the explanation for our watchtower. This thing is pointless. We already have a huge tower that goes well over the clouds as you can see from the video. What was I planning to watch with that tower? What is it guarding? I suppose one could easily climb to the top and snipe some zombies from afar. Still, even with it’s lack of utility, I still go in there from time and time and look at our house. Lame, I know, but you gotta show some pride in life.

I guess I’ll stop this here before I run out of material. I do plan on making more videos and more articles on the subject. As you can see from the video, the game is still far from finished. The single-player portions are practically bug free. The multiplayer aspects are a bit lacking however. Our world is a bit of a mess with parts that completely disappear from time to time which explains why Mal is riding his cart through thin air at the end of our video. That’s why this is still a beta so there’s no hard feelings. I do wish they would fix the lag issues soon though. With that said, look forward to more episodes in the coming weeks. Steven out.

7 thoughts on “Minecraft Episode 1: Welcome To Our Jungle!”

    1. This is quite the game, and it’s easy to see why it has done so well already. I’m really interested to see how it holds up, and how things come together once the beta is over with.

      Good job Steven. Anyone else into Minecraft?

  1. this game makes me think of 3d dot game heroes a bit lol it looks like it could be interesting does it cost anything to play the beta?

  2. You can play the classic game for free but the beta cost 15$. It includes the full game however once it gets released.

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