Could It Be? Sony Gearing Up For PS2 Downloads Via NGP?

After all these years the PS3 has been on the market, the one thing that still annoys me is the removal of backwards compatibility with the PS2.  It was without a doubt one of the very best consoles in history, and yet you can’t play your PS2 games on the PS3.  That is, not unless you happen to own a launch model or one released around that time frame.  Does that even make any sense?  It never sat well with me no matter how many conferences I went to.  Today, it appears as though Sony is looking to at least partially fix the mess they got themselves into. 

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the PSN is about to get upgraded to allow PS2 games to be downloaded from the store, and therefore be playable…on the PSP.  Yes, I doubt very much they mean the PSP1 because the system isn’t powerful enough to handle that, but the NGP sure would be.  So this begs the question, will the store also be available on the PS3?  What if you already own a copy of the game you’re looking to download, will the disc work?  These are all very interesting question, all of which we have no answers to and don’t expect to hear any until after the upgraded features are added to the PlayStation Store. 

This would make for a killer feature for the NGP, but to keep it on that platform makes no sense whatsoever.  At this point I’m hoping Sony realizes the error of their ways and puts in full PS1-PS3 playback in the eventual PS4.  I hate seeing potential squandered, but that’s exactly what will happen if something like this doesn’t migrate over from the NGP to the PS3.

If the service was officially announced, what would be the first PS2 game you’d download?

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  1. I would love to see Final Fantasy 12 and Kingdom Hearts!!! I have heard great things about ico and shadow of the colossus and never got the chance to play it but since they are making hd remakes for them i wont need to download those ones :)

  2. Interesting choices, and good ones too ;) I own a ton of PS2 games, but I must admit that I enjoy downloading games because they’re readily available which has become quite a problem given the sheer volume of games I own. Big hits I would love to play through again include MGS2 and 3, both Kingdom Hearts games, DQ VIII, and a million others :)

  3. I don’t understand why ppl still bitch about the PS3 not having backwards compatibility with the PS2.

    My first point: How many systems DID have backwards compatibility? The PS2 and the Wii….. am I missing one? (If you count the DS they removed it so you’d have to count the PS3 too)

    My 2nd point: I didn’t want to buy anything else but a PS3 with backwards compatibility. How many PS2 games did I play on it total in 2 years? Maybe 5 or 6.

    Two good reasons behind this:
    1. You realise PS3 games have much better graphics.
    2. You realise PS2 games don’t have trophies.

    I do enjoy some PS One games on the PSP though. As that system didn’t have trophies and the games are really cheap.

    All in all I much prefer the “Collection” approach.

  4. Xbox 360 has backwards compatibility altho minimal. The fact about being able to play old games on the new systeme is not everyone will keep there old systemes when they buy a new one but hope to e able to keep some of there favorite games and still be able to play on there new console.

    Yeah Graphics are great to see visually but if i really was buying a game for visuals i’d just buy movies. The thing that made games back then great was lenght of game , story , gameplay which i find nowadays games lack alot especialy in lenght and replayability. I just rebought a nintendo 64 because i enjoy playing some classics over and over but i don’t feel the same way when it comes to alot of next gen games. (but thats just me)

    And altho ps2 games have no trophy they offer more then what a ps3 game trophy will ever bring to the table in my opinion, don’t get me wrong tho i love going for a trophy but its not what makes me buy a game its just makes it challenging a little in most games and alot more challenging in some.

    The backwards bit it just makes it easier for gamers to hold on too there classics and still be able to play them instead of having to dish out more $$$$ to rebuy a game they already had or have.

    Atleast The hd remakes are so far reasonable in price tho !!!

  5. But if someone really cares about all his classics…. can’t he just keep his PS2?

    Someone that still has 8-Tracks or Records needs to carry around an extra piece of tech to play those. Why would it be so hard to carry a PS2?

  6. My opinion on this is similar to Skulltrasher here. I don’t want to keep my original systems in my home entertainment setup. I buy all current generation systems, have my cable-box, have my receiver, and that’s enough “stuff” in my display. If I had to keep my PS1, PS2, Xbox, and GameCube than that’s just insane. My house will likely have caught on fire because of all the wires coming out of everywhere. For me it’s simply a matter of convenience and customer loyalty. As you said, Sony pretty well started this thing and you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Great Cinderella song I know…anyways…

    I have played all of two PS2 games since owning the PS3, but that doesn’t matter to me really. The same for the Xbox 360. What happens is that one day I feel like playing an old classic and then bam, I’m screwed and have to fish through 50 consoles to find my old PS2 I have in storage, all the cables, etc. If it has backwards compatibility than that’s not an issue.

    It’s all about perception, and making things easier for everyone. When the PS2 introduced backwards compatibility (well technically the Atari featured it, but whatever), Sony made it a tradition. They further solidified that by making the PS3 backwards compatible. When they removed it, people bitched, even though only a small portion of people ever actually used it. It all goes back to removing something that was there to begin with.

    I also enjoy the HD remakes, and buy them even though I have the originals because they look nicer, feature trophies, etc. What I also do is put the originals in and compare and contrast, which is something very few people can do because their systems can’t play the PS2 games.

    Bottom line for me, Sony introduced this feature and kept it for the past two generations. If they announce the PS4 and don’t have any backwards compatibility, you can be sure people will bitch like mad only because of the legacy consoles.

  7. Very good points.

    I have a question though: “Did people bitch at Nintendo for removing backwards compatibility with their last line of DSs?”

    I’m assuming they didn’t, it really feels like people have used any little excuse to bitch at Sony this generation. (I’m talking in general and for more than just BC removal so don’t feel like I’m aiming at you guys cause I”m not)

  8. I hear ya Pat. I know a few people that did indeed bitch that BC was removed from the DS. I’m not one of them, only because I have a massive (literally hundreds) collection of PS1/PS2 games and honestly, I LOVE having the ability to play these games on my PS3…even though as you said I may not do that ;) You’re absolutely right that everyone is picking on Sony this generation likely because they really couldn’t before. People love bitching when you’re #1. Look at all the people bitching at Apple right now, when years ago no one gave a crap about their closed garden. It’s amazing how people are.

  9. so this is the first time i’ve heard about ds BC whats that all about? what can’t be played on new ds’s?

    The whole Bc thing tho it sucks that ps3 doesn’t have it anymore but i won’t loose sleep over it lol and i know you were speaking in general pat :P

  10. Yeah sorry I forgot to specify about the GBA slot removal Skulltrasher.

    Oh and I like your point about Apple. This is also true in other forms of entertainment like bands and movies.

  11. People are always like this. I’ll admit Sony made mistakes this generation, but so did the others. The reason people continue to pick on Sony is because they were the main ones in charge of the market. When you’re in the top position there’s only one way to move, down.

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