Lois Lane Dies :(

The heading may be a bit misleading, but hopefully it convinced you to click the link.  Joanne Siegel, wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and original inspiration for Lois Lane, has passed away at 93.  Sadly she spent most of her life in court fighting Warner Bros.. over the rights of her husband’s creation.  Before I continue, take a look at the original illustration of Lois Lane, based on Joanne’s appearance at the time.

She was apparently a gentle and sweet lady.  I hate writing stories like this, but unfortunately such is life.  For those that don’t know the details pertaining to the Superman rights fight, it’s quite lengthy but essentially boils down to the fact that DC only had the rights to the character for a short period of time.  they didn’t have the rights for the movie, TV shows, etc.  The family fought, and eventually won back the rights to the character.  Today the case is still up in the air with both sides winner and losing every time I hear a new bit of information.  Essentially this will be going on forever.

That’s enough about that.  Today marks a very big day as Joanne was the last piece of the Superman puzzle that was still alive.  The Golden Age of comics has now, officially come to an end.

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