Sony Removed Features From NGP To Cut Costs?

Here’s an interesting piece of information for you.  It turns out Sony does learn from their mistakes.  For all of you who looked on as Sony announced the PS3’s launch price in horror, relax because if Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide studios head honcho Shuhei Yoshida is telling us the truth, the price of the NGP won’t be quite so steep.  Here’s what he had to say during an interview with Edge Magazine.

“There were elements that we found pretty cool, but had to set aside to remain on target.  It’s a big lesson we learnt from the PS3. There’s no point putting everything you want into a device and doing the math later.  We had to sell something that people could buy,” albeit adding that Sony “can’t sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP”.

I think this information goes without saying, because if Sony wants to be successful with their new handheld, they’re going to have to price it between $250 and $300USD.  Any more and it’s game over before it even begins.  The magic number is $249.99, but for some reason I just can’t see Sony doing that.  I remember like yesterday when Sony announced the launch price of the PS3 and the whole room gasped.  I’d like to see something similar, but in reverse.  I’d love to see Sony come out and announce a price point of $250.  I don’t think anyone really expects it to retail for that low.

The question I have for all of you is, what features do you think Sony removed?  I can think of a 1080p HD screen or a Retina Display clone for example.  Perhaps an insanely large hard drive?  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Sony Removed Features From NGP To Cut Costs?”

  1. It’s really hard to tell. I think a bigger HDD or something like that is not THAT much more expensive. It was probably some other tech that we didn’t know was possible that got removed.

  2. Yeah that’s likely the case. It could have been more touch features, a brand new piece of tech, etc. It’s interesting that they specifically mention the PS3 problems, which is a very good sign moving forward. I don’t want the PS4 to be priced at $999.99 for exmple ;)

  3. Yeah exactly. Competition is a good thing, and this is why. Sony dominated for two generations and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they thought they could do whatever they wanted with the PS3 and dominate yet again. They received a major wake-up call and because of that I believe the company is now in a much better position. Like I said, I don’t expect a $1000 PS4, and because of all the competition, I can almost guarantee you that will not happen. The same is true for the NGP. Sony knows they can’t price themselves out of the competition. While Apple is certainly a main contender, Sony isn’t in the position to charge $799.99 for their handheld. They have to compete against Nintendo’s pricing of $250.

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