Update: We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties…


Alrighty everyone, we’ve got the images back up and running.  Things aren’t exactly perfect on the server end because we did this move without being completely prepared, but hey, that’s the way we roll.  Like morons!  Anyways, feel free to comment, and let us know if there’s any glitches you notice outside of images.  Starting today everything should start to get back to normal.  This was an important move for our next step in our evolution.

Welcome back to Projectcoe.com!


Hi all,

Just a quick note.  We’re currently experiencing some technical difficulties and will be back to normal operating status within the next 24 hours.  We have moved back to ProjectCOE.com and as such we had several hiccups along the way.  Please be patient during this transition period.

Thanks for your understanding.

2 thoughts on “Update: We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties…”

  1. Guys you scared the hell out of me, more than dead space2, yesterday i cannot enter on your page, i thought that your change your address or something try to google it but not luck either T_T…. really i fear for the worst…thank god a moments later it came back…dont do that again or else… 8D

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