Apple Sends Out Invites For Media Event To Be Held On March 2nd

I’ll give you two guesses as to what Apple’s March 2nd media event will be about.

Umm…yeah.  Anyone care to guess?

As if we really needed to tell you, this event will be all about Apple’s forthcoming iPad 2, which is rumored to have a whole bunch of new inclusions.  Let’s see, it’s supposed to have either a FaceTime front-facing camera or that and a rear-facing camera as well.  It’s supposed to have a significantly faster processor, and there have been all kinds of rumors about a mystery port.  Is it a mini-USB port, a Display Port, who knows.  I’ll have all the details next week, so be sure to stay tuned for that :)

I’ve got a really nice first-gen iPad right now that I use virtually all the time instead of my MacBook Pro, and I’ve come to really like the old boy.  I doubt I’ll be upgrading to the new model until the third generation rolls around, but for now, what about all of you?  What will it take to convince you to pick up an iPad, or are you already onboard?

2 thoughts on “Apple Sends Out Invites For Media Event To Be Held On March 2nd”

  1. Its called thunderbolt, made by intel, theoretically it can go 20 times as fast as usb 3. but when it comes out it will only use copper wires to save costs intstead of fibre optics so it will be only 2x faster than usb3. it will be coming out for the next gen macbook pros but I doubt it will be on the ipad.

    I think ill get one. :) i hope it has a nice screen like the iphone 4.

  2. Rumors are saying the iPad 2 is being rushed to the market and as such won’t have that impressive of specs. These same people are saying the iPad 3 will be released later this year with a Retina Display. We’ll know next week whether or not the rumors have any weight to them ;)

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