New PS3 Greatest Hits Revealed

Although this news might not be new for some viewers I felt like we should post this for the ones that haven’t heard about it yet ;)!

According to the PS Blog five new titles have been added to Sony’s Greatest Hits collection. Titles include God Of War 3, Heavy Rain, Modnation Racers, UFC Undisputed 2010 & Uncharted 2 Among Thieve – Game of The year Edition.

You will be able to grab these incredible games for the low price of $29.99 (CDN & US) if you haven’t already picked them up before!!!!

Having played three of the above titles, the one that catches my eye is Heavy Rain.  I’ve been on the fence about getting this game for a while, but now with its price dropped I might go ahead and grab myself a copy!! Anyone here thinking of grabbing one of these titles if not already owned? If so which one’s?

6 thoughts on “New PS3 Greatest Hits Revealed”

    1. In my mind if there’s anyone reading this that doesn’t own Uncharted 2, there’s something wrong with you. Simple as that. This game should be one of the highest selling videogames in history, that’s how much I enjoyed it!

  1. Hey Pat are the controls for heavy rain easy to get used? I’ve only played the demo in the past and found the controls aspect pretty neat but wondered how they played out during the whole game.

  2. I love the controls! The demo is pretty straight on for what it’ll be throughout the title. But you can actually play it with the move/navigation now! That looked pretty sweet too, but having platinumed the game already, I didn’t feel like doing another playthrough.

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