PlayStation 3 Saving Hits The Cloud

One of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ favorite sayings is “the cloud.”  Virtually everything is hitting the cloud these days.  From music and video streaming, to cloud-based back-ups and so much more.  Today SCEA announced plans for some cloud advancements to the PlayStation Network.  Starting tomorrow, thanks to the PS3 system software update 3.6, PlayStation Plus members will be able to upload their saved game files once per 24 hours, to the cloud.  They can have 1,000 game saves stored up there in the wondrous sky.

Ah yes, the cloud. It's pretty amazing how so much info can be stored in this thing, right? ;)

All joking aside, this is something I really expected Microsoft to implement long before Sony.  A feature like this costs money for both server space and bandwidth.  That’s why this feature is exclusive to members who pay to enroll in Sony’s PlayStation Plus membership.  I fully expect more features like this to start showing up in the future for all of those who signed up.  They need incentives to keep that program alive.  Sony will be capping people with 150MB worth of data, but saved game files don’t really use all that much space at all.  Some are even in the KB range.  I’m very pleased to see Sony making the first baby steps to what I am sure will be the biggest features of the next-gen version of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.  Getting features like this now is an important first step to a much brighter future.

Are incentives like cloud saving enough to make you join?

What do you think of this feature?  Not only does it protect all your saved data in case your hard drive melts, but it allows you to visit a friend’s house, sign-in with your profile and re-download all your saves.  Pretty nifty if you ask me.

2 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Saving Hits The Cloud”

  1. Nice. That explains the mysterious issues with PSN today, which reportedly fries some old phat PS3 consoles that attempted to login to the store. Have a friend with a perfectly-working PS3 phat who ran into that today sadly. It activates this weird loop error which causes the console to overheat, according to forum posts.

    Anyway, that aside, really looking forward to this. I’ve been holding back my membership to PlayStation Plus. Stacking and the Mortal Kombat demo really have me on the edge, but this feature practically seals the deal for me. Us people with fat consoles fear that it’ll malfunction in any minute. I really hope that backing up your saves in the cloud is user-friendly though.

  2. Wow that sounds scary… Did those posts come from a loyal site or could it be some trollers?

    Besides that it brings me closer to getting PSN +!

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