Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Predictions!

It’s time to look into our Moon Pearl–points for those who get the reference–and whip up some predictions on Nintendo’s secret project in honor of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary. All we know so far is that Miyamoto himself is involved in planning and that it will be different than Mario’s somewhat underwhelming repackaging of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii. Thus, a collection of every major Zelda installment as is seems to be out of the question, which is fine by me since they’re all on the virtual console anyway.

Here are my ideas in no particular order:

1) an enhanced port of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets for WiiWare or 3DS, or an all-new Zelda game akin to it. As soon as Mr. Iwata says that Miyamoto is working on a project that allows all Zelda fans to celebrate together, and what better way to do so than making an interactive Zelda game that updates itself continuously with weekly objectives and challenges? The core of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets, a Japan-exclusive for the SNES’s Satellaview add-on, is that it plays like a “second quest” option to A Link to the Past. However, it featured live broadcasts of objectives and challenges that kept on rotating with time. This would be such an excellent experiment for the 3DS’s “always on” wireless capabilities.

2) A new Zelda multiplayer project, similar to the Four Swords series. The Four Swords Adventures was such an underrated entry hindered by the hurdles of GBA-GCN connectivity. If you had the equipment and people, it was an excellent experience. I played with two of my brothers from start to finish and loved every second of it. Reviving this concept again for the Wii or 3DS would make wonders. Look at how successful New Super Mario Bros. Wii is….imagine a Zelda project with the same intentions. We don’t need to worry about any hurdles with Nintendo’s current gen consoles and handhelds because the DS and Wii can easily communicate via wireless. Need I mention online-enabled multiplayer?

3) A Little Big Planet-inspired Zelda game, with the ability to create adventures, dungeons, and weapons from scratch. This idea is long overdue. After all, the fans have been running this project for years in the form of “Zelda Classic”. Originally, this fan-project started as a PC port of the original Legend of Zelda. eventually expanding it into a platform on PC for everyone to enjoy. You can freely download the program in order to create adventures from scratch or play other fan-made ones. The site displays the stats of the latest, all-time top rated, etc. As the years went by, the developers added more and more details such as making top-down text cut-scenes and using sprites from other 2D Zelda installments. Imagine all this becoming an official, Nintendo-sponsored project for Wii or 3DS….with an endless supply of adventures from fans, Nintendo itself, or even other developers such as Hideo Kojima. Man…a custom Zelda adventure designed by Kojima? Drool. We should be practical though. If such a project exists, it will be restricted to the classic top-down view we all know and love, with graphical capabilities similar to the GameCube’s Four Sword Adventures.

4) Another remake. A Link to the Past is arguably the best installment in the series, and what better way to celebrate the franchise than a remake of this fan-favorite? A full-fledged remake of Link’s Awakening for the Game Boy is also an excellent idea. Why this installment in particular? Simple: believe it or not, but it’s Miyamoto’s favorite one. Imagine it on 3DS.

What do you think? Sound off your ideas in our comments. Are mine practical enough or are they too far-fetched to become reality?

7 thoughts on “Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Predictions!”

  1. Forget what I think, and what you all think. Ahmed has an uncanny ability to veer off into the future and predict things no one else would ever dream of…then his predictions always seem to come true. Mark my words, come E3 one of these predictions will be announced…if not sooner. It really depends on when Nintendo plans to announce this package/game/whatever.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, man. I can’t wait to know more about this myself. Since you’re a fellow Zelda fan, do you have any additional ideas in mind?

  2. There may actually be more than one thing released for the 25th Anniversary… I’m almost sure that the NES Zelda will be re-released in some form, probably as a limited-edition Wii disc or 3DS cartridge (the latter with optional 3D effects).

    Whatever the big project is, even though I’ve thought of it being a Wii release before, chances are it’ll be only on the 3DS (to sell more systems, you know, and Wii is getting Skyward Sword anyway). Of those options, #4 sounds the most likely to me.

    1. That’s actually an interesting idea there. Having the original Legend of Zelda with 3D effects seems to be a cool option for as a 3DS store download, as Nintendo hinted on classic games being enhanced with 3D effects. I like your suggestion. And you’re quite right; it’s highly possible that the project involves multiple games. The giddy fan within me really wants option 3 to become a reality. Fingers crossed.

      By the way, welcome to the site! You should comment often. How’d you find out about us? :)

      1. Just through random internet links and searches, like most other sites I’ve ended up in at one point or another.

        #3 would indeed be awesome.

        More ideas:

        – A Wii re-release of The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition. Nobody thought that Super Mario All-Stars would be released with all the NES versions of the games on Virtual Console, so this might be a possibility. The Wind Waker demo would be removed and the controls altered a bit (for those without Classic or Gamecube controllers handy), but it would probably be an easy conversion.

        – A Wii re-release of The Wind Waker, possibly with Twilight Princess’s control scheme and (probably) the world mirrored.

        – Twilight Princess 2. Hey, it happened with Super Mario Galaxy!

        1. Would love a Wii re-release of The Wind Waker. After all, the original had some dungeons that didn’t make it in the final build due to constraints. Maybe they can put them back in this time around.

  3. I love all the suggestions really. Welcome to the site Enhas, it’s always good to have more commenters onboard :) You have some great ideas, and I too have been wondering what Nintendo will do what with a full Wii Zelda already on the way. I’ve heard rumors it might slip into 2012, which would give Nintendo the freedom to do as they please with this special Zelda project, but as for a full-fledged game…I just don’t know what was planned. It’s not like they can whip up an entirely new huge project just like that. I know we’re going to hear much more very soon.

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