Castlevania: Lords of Shadow DLC’s Debut Trailer is Artistic!

Fresh off the presses is the trailer of Castlevania: Lord of Shadow’s add-on adventure, titled Reverie. Excellent stuff. The art style reminds me of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker’s cutscenes, only here they’re in color. That’s not too surprising considering Kojima Productions worked on both games. I don’t think the original release of Lords of Shadow featured similar artistic cutscenes though. Let’s hope the ones presented in this trailer make it into the final package.

No release date as of yet, but I’m happy the developers are supporting this 2010 gem with some content considering how long the game is to begin with. You can read our own review of it here, written none other by Tim MacKenzie. Also don’t forget to follow the official Facebook Castlevania page. They’re even more up-do-date than Konami’s own YouTube page.

Sadly, I have not played Lords of Shadow yet because of the piles of releases during that time and since then.

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