Super Wii, Thoughts On Interactive Viewership & More

Coolest rumored/presumed feature about Nintendo's next console (codenamed Project Cafe)

  • More powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3 (71%, 15 Votes)
  • VMU-like functionality by sending games to controller (14%, 3 Votes)
  • Backward compatability to Wii games and controllers w/HD upscaling (5%, 1 Votes)
  • Bringing back gamers with traditional controls and releases (5%, 1 Votes)
  • I don't care about its features! Only the launch line-up matters! (5%, 1 Votes)
  • 6 inch built-in touch screen on controller (0%, 0 Votes)
  • 2012 release date (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 21

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Hey everyone, long time no write.  I am alive, so thanks for asking.  I appreciate all the email I received wondering where the heck I’ve been these past few weeks.  Busy, pretty well sums it up.  We’ve been trying to figure out exactly how to bring more readers to the site, increase our interactivity and all around enjoy ourselves.  It’s rough when you put your heart and soul into something and gain a steady readership, only to find yourself in a place where you’re kind of stuck.  In order to evolve like what I’m about to talk about, we need to figure a way to get more attention and increase our comments.  Would message boards be a better platform for discussions?  With the technology industry as a whole evolving so quickly, we all feel like we could be left out, which isn’t what we want.  Anyways, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

Now onto the latest news…which you’ve all read about a million times already.  I’m not going to bore you with speculation on what the next Nintendo platform may or may not have. What I’m going to do is talk to you.  I think people enjoy this almost as much as the news.  So it’s time for Jarrod to be really honest with you all.  I don’t own a 3DS.  I am technically in charge around here and yet don’t own a 3DS.  Blasphemy.  Truth of the matter is I haven’t had much time to play any games or watch any movies in quite a while.  When that happens, it’s kind of hard to justify the price of a device you won’t use.  Know what I mean?  It also really nails home the idea that Apple may be onto something with the iPhone.  It’s not just Apple either, but Google and all the others are starting to see it to.  Once you hit a certain age, reach a point in your career, or simply gain too many responsibilities, there comes a time where your free time is simply nonexistent.  It’s at these times where your only chance for “fun” comes from your workplace toys.  In my case that’s my iPhone, iPad and computer.  Mainly the iPhone and iPad though.  I use these two devices all day.  If I get a few moments to myself I find myself gravitate to those devices for a quick game, some chatting and/or some web browsing.  That’s not to say I don’t play traditional videogames anymore, just that I think we’re getting to the point where the living room and our mobile devices will one day converge.  Sony has this idea too with the NGP, but I think others are making further strides by also focusing on movies, music and entertainment as a whole instead of focusing on gaming alone.  It’s an interesting idea, is it not?

So the Wii 2, Super Wii, Omega Nintendo, whatever you may call it, it’s coming.  At this point it’s pretty obvious it’ll be announced at E3 and it’ll be a much more powerful machine than the current Nintendo platform.  Will it or won’t it have a touch screen on a more traditional looking controller?  Will it or won’t it feature graphics far superior to the Xbox 360 and PS3?  Will it or won’t it have an online service equal or greater than Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network?  All of these questions will be answered soon enough.  So, what do I think?  Part of me doesn’t really care, but the old Nintendo fan in me really hope for something I can dig my teeth into.  I almost completely skipped out on Nintendo this generation because for one reason or another I couldn’t get into the Wii.  I saw the potential, fully understand why people love it, but hey, it just didn’t do it for me.  What I’m hearing about the Wii’s follow-up sounds much more traditional, which has me a bit perplexed to be frank.  If the controller really does feature a 6″ screen that can be used as a mini-console of sort, but the format is in the vein of a traditional controller, than aren’t they going to lose out on the soccer moms?  This is what has made me take a second look at Nintendo.  Are they going to leave the 3DS for the more casual crowd and put their console up against the “big boys?”  Either way, I’m interested, which is the first time I can say that about Nintendo in years.  One question I have though is, what will Sony and Microsoft do?  There’s no way either platform maker will announce a follow-up at E3 so this could give Nintendo a full year alone, and vastly more powerful.  Again, should be quite interesting.

Alright, so that’s enough for my return post.  You can expect more from me shortly, and yes, I plan to start playing a game or two again shortly.  It’s just been so hectic around these parts, so I apologize for the inactivity on my end.  Hopefully more interactive posts like this will make up for it :)


10 thoughts on “Super Wii, Thoughts On Interactive Viewership & More”

  1. About Nintendo’s upcoming console, I think that it’s big break will be the backwards compatability to the Wii, including the Wii motion controllers. While this new controller of theirs will presumably bring back traditional gamers, I predict that it will still be fully compatible with the current Wii controllers (duh, it’ll be compatible with Wii software so it has to be compatible with the controllers, too)…even going far as to using them on their next-gen Wii 2 games.

    Simply put, they’re doing the exact opposite to that of Sony and Microsoft. The competition kept the same hardware, but provided working peripherals to draw the “soccer moms”. Nintendo, on the other hand, already has that market cornered. So all they have to do is make new hardware, but keep the previous controllers backward compatible and make new games off it, without the need to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

    It’s pretty funny to see Sega’s VMU concept and Nintendo’s failed GBA-GCN connectivity come to life again with this potential new touch screen controller. I can imagine Nintendo doing really nifty things with it, including treating the controller as a separate console. Imagine the ability to upload full games to the controller (as speculation mentions), then just taking the controller with you anywhere you go as if it’s a portable. That’ll certainly give Apple a run for its money. Again, Nintendo’s all about experimentation. They proved that the controller can act as a separate medium several times, even with the Wii remote with its own speaker and the ability to upload your Mii to your remote. It’s just taking the next big step to bringing this concept to the mainstream.

    As for “not having the time to play”, I exactly know what you mean. Because I don’t own an iPhone yet, my playtime has been fully devoted to handhelds, aside from multiplayer titles with my buddies. I buy console games, but rarely play them. Aside from the downloadable title from time to time.

  2. I think Nintendo is very much doing what Apple is. They’re looking at what everyone else is doing, and then just doing their own thing. It’s always a gamble, for sure, but as you said, so long as they continue to push the casual crowd they shouldn’t lose anyone. As for that on-the-go controller, we’ll have to see more details first. Right now I’m imagining something wild, so who knows how this will turn out.

    I’m quite curious to see where the game industry goes in the years ahead because it’s clear the entire foundation is changing. We’re just here for the ride so it’s going to be one wild one at that. Honestly at this point I think traditional gaming as we know it is over. All the major platform holders are likely to try new things, either by hardware or software innovations. They all sort of have to if they plan to keep in this race. Apple has also shown that they can take major profits away from the big three platform makers without even trying. The i-generation of devices were never directly geared at gamers, but look at the sheer volume of sales they’re getting from games. All of a sudden we have analysts saying a new Apple TV product could actually steal around 25% of the gaming market. That’s pretty insane given what we know of Apple’s gaming efforts thus far. Which is to say, almost non-existent.

    Pretty wild stuff, that I know we’ll touch on in the months ahead for sure.

    As for time, I think we’re all in the same boat. We need more commenters!

  3. From what I’ve been seeing on IGN and other sites, the “Wii 2” or “Project Cafe” hardware will be “significantly” more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That is a really bold statement to make. Not just more powerful, but significantly? That makes me curious.

    I think what makes this situation interesting is that Nintendo has somehow positioned themselves extraordinary well. Some gamers can say what they will about the Wii, but the fact remains that it sold extremely well throughout its lifespan, easily beating out the 360 and PS3 for this generation. Now that years have passed and the consoles have had plenty of time to mature in the market, the Wii’s sales have slowed to a crawl (with the occasional spike, like with holiday shopping) while Microsoft and Sony have managed to pick up steam thanks to better releases, revised hardware, and new peripherals.

    Microsoft renewed interest with their Slim 360 and new Kinnect device, whereas Sony has their Slim PS3 and Move. I don’t see them abandoning these current consoles for awhile because they would risk severely alienating their fanbase. The hardcore gamers of this generation who bought these consoles had to lay down quite a bit of money, and because of their extensive online platforms, companies have been able to deliver far more content than ever before. They need to get everything they can out of these high-end machines, because at some point, you can’t move up any more while still keeping things profitable.

    Nintendo, on the other hand, realizes that they’ve pretty much hit their saturation point. The Wii has hit its intended audience very well, and now Nintendo wants to reclaim the market that they once laid claim to in the past. This new console is their way to do it. Hardcore gamers may have skipped out on the Wii, but this is the system that seems to be designed for them.

    The controller sounds like it will be similar to the GameCube or Xbox 360 controller in terms of general function: dual analog sticks, shoulder triggers, D-pad, etc. The main difference is the touch-screen. This raises tons of awesome possibilities. One source already confirmed streaming full games from the console to the controller. There could easily be other in-game applications, like screen/item management (think GBA-GCN connectivity) or mini-games or more. Maybe Nintendo could even implement a DS/3DS home player–hey, with the controller and TV, that’s two screens, and one of which is a touch screen.

    I’m really excited for this new hardware.

    My wishlist for this console is as follows:
    -HD upscaling for Wii games
    -Backwards compatibility and HD upscaling for GameCube games
    -The ability to transfer Virtual Console and WiiWare games to the new console
    -Better online platform
    -Better media features (a friggin’ DVD player wouldn’t hurt, Nintendo)
    -HD display for the controller mini-screen (720p maybe?)
    -DS and 3DS player functionality

    1. Would love to see how they’ll implement HD upscaling for Wii games. If done right, they’ll definitely gain a lot of attention…

      …which brings me to the subject of backwards compatability, Like any other guy, I would love if GameCube games work on Nintendo’s new console, but I just don’t see that happening. It’s unfortunate, but like the competition Nintendo is better off having digital backward compatability with GameCube games to reduce costs of the hardware itself. Meaning, we’re going to have to redownload our favorites from their store eventually.

  4. I personally want to get back into Nintendo. I have a tattoo of the Triforce, but have found it so difficult to get back into the groove. I’m looking at getting a 3DS once Ocarina of Time hits so that I can relive one of my favorite videogames of all time. I’ve written off the Wii at this point thanks to Trophies and Achievements, but I’m hoping Nintendo does something similar with their next machine.

    Of all the platform makers Nintendo is the only one that is in a position where they can release new hardware. If it is significantly better, could we be looking at a Dreamcast situation where Nintendo release first, but then a year or two later the competition reveals their hand and it’s significantly better than the Super Wii, as I like to call it. Truth be told, it’s looking like Nintendo HD may actually stick. In that case, it could explain where the dev teams have disappeared to.

    1. I really can’t see Sony revealing any new hardware within a year or two. Do we really need a new PlayStation? Really? On the other hand, if Microsoft chooses to release their new console in 2012, too…Sony will be forced to play their hand. Unlike Sega, Nintendo’s going to have a lot of force going into a new console seeing how successful the Wii is. As we all recall, the transition from Saturn to DreamCast was so abrupt.

      1. I agree, Nintendo’s situation is far different than SEGA’s, so we may not see this play out quite the same way. The market was different then. Saturn was a colossal failure for SEGA and they lost all of the momentum that they gained with the incredibly popular Genesis. The Dreamcast had one of the best launches of all time, but before it even hit the stores, we already knew the PS2 was coming–Sony already revealed what the specs were. Plus it had backwards compatibility with PS1 games (in 1997 and 1998, leading up to Dreamcast, the PS1 was gaining tons of momentum in the US) and had a DVD player. Dreamcast blew PS1, Saturn, and N64 out of the water visually, but just couldn’t last because we already knew the next wave was coming.

        The only way I can see Sony or Microsoft usurping Nintendo’s announcement is to reveal their own consoles soon after–but why do it? The PS3 and 360 have finally picked up steam and they require much more of an investment from players. They already have an established online system, great online content, and thanks to firmware updates and digital distribution, they can stretch out this hardware for awhile. I don’t think a new home console would be profitable for them right now, because really, how much better could they make them in comparison to the current HD consoles and still make them relatively affordable for the consumer? It would be a slight improvement at best, not worth it for a new player.

        1. Yeah, man. Now that I think of it, the 360 has some good life in it thanks to the slim redesign. I previously attributed a 2012 release for Microsoft’s next console simply because the original 360’s hardware is grade A monkey crap. I haven’t been hearing the same problems from the slim 360 so they might as well milk it for all its worth (along with the recently-released Kinect).

          1. Let’s be completely honest though guys. If graphically the PS3 and 360 become the Wii and the Nintendo HD becomes the PS3 and Xbox 360, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Sony and MS react. I know they have huge investments to capitalize on, but if they can’t say their the best at something, they’ll start looking at what can be done. Let’s also understand that once 2013 rolls around it’s pretty clear new hardware will come out. If Nintendo releases their new console in 2012, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to have a 2013 winter launch for one of the other two platforms. Does it?

  5. Like I said, it will all depend on just how much of a leap forward this new Nintendo machine is. If it can run circles around Sony and Microsoft, the two companies will surely not like that. Personally I think both the PS3 and 360 have a lot of life left in them. Like Tim said, the fact they continue to receive new additions via firmware updates is reason alone to keep things as is.

    We’ll see soon enough what happens, but at this year’s E3 we won’t hear anything about the successor to the PS3 or 360. If we do, I’ll be completely floored.

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