Apple’s Cloud Is Ready For World Domination

I snagged this picture from 9 to 5 Mac because I thought it was just too awesome to pass up.  So what does the headline mean, well it means a few things actually.  First and foremost that the technology to allow iTunes users to store their music in the cloud and then access said music from anywhere in the world through a WiFi connection is now ready to go.  According to Reuters the technology may be in place, but music studios haven’t given their blessing just yet.  Google is also creating a streaming music service, but they too have yet to secure licensing deals with music labels.  What’s interesting is that Amazon just launched a similar service without dealing with the music industry whatsoever.  Given Apple’s strong alliance with the music industry, it seems doubtful they will simply launch the service without some kind of a deal in place to ensure a seamless introduction.  Currently there are no concrete dates out there for when this service may launch, but given Apple is said to be completely relaunching their MobileMe service into a huge free platform, maybe the two will be linked somehow.  I know I’d like a digital music locker stored in the cloud that houses my iTunes library.  If it could also stream movies and maybe borrow some OnLive tech for streaming gaming content, then we’d really have something.

Any thoughts on this anyone?

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