Tri-Ace’s Latest Tech Demo Looks Absolutely Amazing!

Tri-Ace is one of my favorite game developers, making classics such as Star Ocean: The Second Story and Valkyrie Profile. They’ve basically been responsible for my blooming love for RPGs and innovative game mechanics. However, they’ve been awfully quiet since last year’s Resonance of Fate for the 360 and PS3, an RPG which is arguably better than Final Fantasy XIII yet bombed because the idiots at Sega decided to release it alongside Square-Enix’s strongest franchise.

Anyway, the wait is over (temporarily) as Tri-Ace teases the world with a tech demo of their latest in-house graphics engine, which looks absolutely amazing! Hopefully, it’s an accurate representation of the product because the attention to detail is too good to be true. Tri-Ace claims that the rendering is in real-time and the tech demo doesn’t represent their current project(s) in development, so be excited for the former and don’t get too worked up on claiming that this is Star Ocean 5. One notable improvement over their previously released games in this tech demo are the expression-filled faces of the character models. Tri-Ace games always looked good due to the unique environments and detailed character models, but they’ve never gotten the facial animation up to par…until now. The plastic and inexpressive faces in Star Ocean: The Last Hope really bugged me.

I’m glad to see Tri-Ace hard at work despite the lackluster reception of their last game. It’s kind of weird though…because the developer doesn’t usually tease gamers with their in-house engines. It makes me wonder whether this new video was made for different intentions. Maybe they’re trying to grab the attention of publishers out there as Siliconera suggested. While they’ve been exclusively in a contract with Enix for the past three decades, last year’s offering was their first breakaway from the company by working with Sega (with mixed results I might add). Perhaps it’s time for a new publisher to step in.

By the way, this video marks the debut of Tri-Ace’s official YouTube channel, so show them support by subscribing!

9 thoughts on “Tri-Ace’s Latest Tech Demo Looks Absolutely Amazing!”

  1. Hey who knows, but maybe something like this is what the new Nintendo machine will actually be able to rendering in real time. If Tri-Ace says this is for the 360 and PS3, then wow, do we really need a next-gen? lol. I can’t imagine us actually playing with detailed graphics like that, but again, there is a new console on the horizon and it will need to have some punch to it if it’s going to make the headlines. Something like this would surely do that. As you said Ahmed, excellent use of facial animations.

  2. Some of the stuff in the tech demo is just as good if not better than MGS4, Uncharted, and FFXIII. I read more about it…so far, it’s a 360/PS3 engine and Tri-Ace is actually opening up licensing, meaning that other developers may be able to use it.

    Tech like this and upcoming games show that the 360 and PS3 still have a lot of juice in them. As with all consoles, the best-looking games are ones that are released towards the end of the shelf life. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. That’s what I’m hoping for Ahmed, that we really haven’t seen everything. Uncharted remains my most shocking videogame release of this generation. If III is able to surpass what II did I’m going to be in heaven here. Honestly, the animations, and overall feeling that game delivered were second to none. This November can’t come soon enough.

  4. Tech demo my behind :P For a trailer showing off a new engine to be so Star Ocean-themed is way too convenient IMO. A tech demo is more like what we saw not long ago when Epic showed updates to their Unreal Engine. That may have showed characters and action…but it purposely described what we can expect from it. This did nothing of the sort, and given that Star Ocean is one of the company’s most viable properties, I’m straight up calling this a pre-alpha trailer.

    Star Ocean ships
    Star Ocean 4 characters (Edge & Co.)
    A guy in an advanced space suit
    A rocket, probably nuclear
    An embattered-looking planet

    Heh……tech demo, right.

  5. Really cool video! I really like tri-Ace, but lately I haven’t had them on my mind much Their last few releases were kind of disappointing to me. Star Ocean 4 just didn’t sit as well with me as the previous games, and I did not care for Resonance of Fate whatsoever–I couldn’t finish the game. I really enjoyed Star Ocean Till the End of Time on the PS2 though.

  6. I still can’t believe that you enjoyed Till the End of Time more than Star Ocean 4. The latter kicked so much butt and started strong (annoying English voice acting aside). SO3 was a complete disappointment to me, however, despite giving it 10 hours of playtime back in the day. Don’t even get me started on that cop-out twist.

    I do have to agree with you though. Tri-Ace’s games this generation weren’t as amazing as their previous offerings. The last one which I was fully engrossed in from start to finish was Radiata Stories for the PS2. What a fine underrated gem.

    I really, really want to try Resonance out. I remember you complaining about its convoluted battle system…its world just fascinates me for some reason.

  7. I did like Radiata Stories, it’s a neat game. I guess since I played Star Ocean 3 first in the series, that may have affected my perception of the other games, I didn’t get to play the others in the series until afterward. I do agree you with SO3’s twist though, lol.

    Resonance of Fate is just….I dunno. I was really excited for the game and wanted to love it, that’s why I ran out to buy it when it was still brand new. I got into the battle system at first and thought it was flashy, but I just got tired with it pretty quickly. The game’s steampunkish world was kind of neat at first glance, but quickly becomes boring and lifeless. One aspect is the color–it’s just not there. The entire game just reeks of dull muted colors and grey. I know that they wanted to go for some kind of urban, industrial atmosphere but it was just unappealing to look at. Plus I hated that in order to move anywhere in the over-world, you had to “unlock” it with grid pieces. So if you didn’t have the right piece or if it didn’t fit properly, you need to find a new one either by battling or whatever. Not to mention that the battles had total rubber-band AI/difficulty syndrome going on. Some battles I would finish in the blink of an eye and others would completely destroy me without rhyme or reason.

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