After Ten Years Smallville Comes To An End On Friday May 13th

Alright so I know not everyone is into the show, but this trailer I was shown the other day will make even diehard haters get a few goosebumps.  Take a look.

Tell me that wasn’t inspirational.  I love how they incorporated the John Williams classic theme in there.  Very good job to whoever put that together.  The thing with Smallville that always irked me was that it could have been a show like Batman Begins, in that we could have seen the boy slowly grow into the man he was destined to become.  Instead the show transformed into a giant soap opera that went on and on.  That being said, watching this trailer makes me think that perhaps the producers may actually turn everything around and end the show with one heck of a bang.

What I find really staggering is the fact that the show has remained on the air for ten years.  That makes Tom Welling the longest actor to play Superman in the history of cinema.  Christopher Reeve played the role in the four motion pictures from 1978 until Superman IV in 1987.  Regardless of what you may think of the TV show, there’s a lot the producers can be proud of, namely the fact they were able to continue making the show for that long and that the finale is being hyped and anticipated by millions of viewers around the world.  I’m pretty impressed when I stop to think about it.

Hard to believe it all started with this one comic.  Now the franchise has become one of the biggest in Hollywood history.  Having several extremely successful television programs including the George Reeves Adventures of Superman series which ran from 1952 until 1958.  There was also Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman which aired from 1994 to 1997.  As you can tell, while all of these projects were successful, none of them had the longevity that Smallville has endured for these past ten years.  One thing is certain, the Man of Steel isn’t going anywhere and next year the movie with the same title will be released hopefully ushering in a new age for the oldest superhero.

What are your thoughts on the trailer, the TV show or the legacy of Superman?

12 thoughts on “After Ten Years Smallville Comes To An End On Friday May 13th”

  1. My gripes clearly are the same as yours. I would say I’ve suffered through at least the last five years of this show, because I was so in love with it the first three. I realize three plus five does not equal ten. I didn’t suffer through years four and five because I still held out hope that the show could turn itself around. They should have ended it after the original 7 years.. while they still had Lex Luthor.

    I’m looking forward to the series coming to an end, and I hope you’re right. This season in general has had me hopeful that they’ll end the show in the spirit it began.

  2. Good to hear from you Cat, hope all is going well with you and your family. :)

    As for Smallville, this final episode is being shot as a two hour movie, from what I’ve been able to gather so I believe it will be something special. Lex is back and is being positioned as the Luther he was destined to become. That’s exciting in and of itself.

    We’ll see in another few weeks.

  3. Don’t tell me you’re the same “Cat” we knew from Nsider and back in the old days of the site? If so, then welcome back. We haven’t seen you around in a long time indeed.

    As for Smallville, caught it on TV from time to time and liked what I saw. I’m surprised that it’s been running to this very day. I bet that they just couldn’t sustain the same awesomeness of the early seasons toward the end. Glad that they’re at least giving it a proper send-off though.

  4. Indeed, I am one in the same. :) I’ve been a lurker on and off for quite some time. I would have used my first name in the post, but I figured I’d be more identifiable this way. Life’s been way too busy to be posting often. :) Thanks for the welcome!

    I’m surprised the show is still running too, to be honest. I’m so glad this is the final season. :)

  5. :) It is! Things are crazy busy (maybe one day I’ll slow down.. haha), but all is good. :)

    The question I have had (I haven’t checked into spoilers sites for a while) is whether or not Michael Rosenbaum is playing Lex. If he’s not, I’m less interested. Do you happen to know?

  6. Really nice hearing from you again! It’s been years since we last heard from you. Hope life’s treating you well. You should post more often and spread the word to your friends through Facebook and the like. We could really use some sweet comments and discussion here to keep the morale up. We’re currently going through a process of changing some things and bringing new ideas into the table, so any feedback from you would be helpful. :)

    BTW, you may remember me as my old alias “SwordBreaker”. Gotta miss the ol’ days.

  7. Wow Cat, good to see you :) Glad to hear all is well in the family. Found any time in the crazy life to still play any games…or has that been borderline zapped? ;)

  8. I can’t wait to see this finale i’ve been a smallville fan from the start and probly the only season i’ve fully watched. They have been making the finale season a memorable one indead in my opinion .

    Cat as for Michael Rosenbaum he is in the cast listing on the website here is a link;summary

    As far as i’ve heard he had decided to come back for the finale which in my opinion was a good choice. :)

  9. It’s nice to have a very old member around to say hi too. It feels really nice to be honest :)

    As for Lex, oh yes he’s back, which is why this teaser is so epic. I honestly can’t wait to see what happens here.

  10. Hey Cat. Nice to see you again :) As for smallville…this is awesome. I watched all of the first 7 seasons and some of the 8th but I lost interest like a lot of people. Shows just run too long these days. Waaaaay past their prime. I will be watching this however. It will be nice to reconnect with that series.

  11. I’m amazed by just how many people were into this show for so long. I have a feeling this finale is going to bring in some extremely impressive numbers.

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