Ultimate Spider-Man No More, Bendis Leaving, What’s Going On?

For those of you who have been reading comics for the past eleven years, there’s one title you’ve likely stumbled across.  That being Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man.  It has been one of the most successful comics introduced since 2000, and series writer Brian Michael Bendis has remained on for all 159 issues and counting.  That makes this series somewhat of a legacy title, and earlier this week the news broke that Peter Parker would no longer be the man behind the mask.  The current storyline, titled “Death of Spider-Man” is indeed coming to an end.  The current situation looks like someone else will be picking up the mantle, and now it appears the comic will be continuing without the series creator.  All the teaser materials Marvel has released haven’t featured the name Brian Michael Bendis on them.  Who could possibly attempt to fill in his shoes after an eleven year award winning and history breaking run?

It’s currently looking like either Johnny Storm (AKA The Human Torch) or Jessica Drew will take on the mantle of Spider-Man.  This runs parallel what is currently going on within the main Marvel Universe whereby Spider-Man has taken over the Human Torch’s position within the Fantastic Four, given his current death.  Considering this is comics, we have no idea if any of this will stick, and personally I was always under the impression that if Bendis left Ultimate Spider-Man that the series should stop.  I felt the same with the original Spider-Man as well once Stan Lee left the series after issue #100, but the series remains one of Marvel’s top sellers so hey what do I know, right?

For anyone who has been following this legendary series for the past eleven years it will surely be a sad day to see Bendis leave the series he created, but as Marvel said about Stan Lee’s run on Amazing Spider-Man, the character is bigger than the men who created him.  I suppose that will be the case here as well.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Spider-Man No More, Bendis Leaving, What’s Going On?”

  1. The human touch…being Spiderman? And vise-versa in the Marvel universe? I’m glad I’m not reading the comics because that is seriously screwed up. They’ve clearly run out of ideas here.

  2. In the main Marvel Universe the Human Torch was killed protecting his family. In his will he left his spot on the FF to Spider-Man as the two have been like brothers for years. Reed renamed the team the Future Foundation and Spider-Man is now apart of this new FF. Thus far it’s actually a pretty good storyline, until they decide to bring back Johnny, which they’ll do in time.

    As for the Ultimate Marvel universe, I’m just guessing that Johnny will take on the mantle of Spider-Man, but who knows. It’s very possible it could be Jessica Drew.

    At least in the main Marvel Universe Peter isn’t replacing Johnny, he’s still Spider-Man, it’s just that he’s filling in a spot, know what I mean? With the Ultimate universe though it looks like someone will actually become Spider-Man, which seems a bit out there.

  3. Well the Marvel explanation sounds okay now that you’ve clarified it. Ultimate, however, is just bizarre. So is he going to be Spiderman with flame powers or something? And isn’t Jessica Spider-Woman? She already technically has a mantle of her own.

  4. Yeah don’t read too much into this. Odds are this is just Jessica, but then again Johnny has been living with Peter for some time now. I’ll be sure to let you know once the story arrives later this summer. The standard universe is actually quite fitting, and sad really. The only problem there is that Spider-Man is now on this team, on the Avengers and running his own series. Needless to say, he’s stretched kind of thin if you ask me.

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