Sony Announces PlayStation Certified Tablets

In a not-so-surprising announcement made in Tokyo early this morning, Sony has announced two Android 3.0-powered tablets that will be able to play select PlayStation One games.  Why I say this isn’t so surprising is because Sony announced plans to release PlayStation-certified products back at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in January. 

The two models are codenamed the S1 and S2 respectively.  As you can see by the screenshots, the two models differ in their physical appearance.  The S1, which looks similar to the iPad sports a 9.4” touch screen, whereas the S2 features two 5.5” displays. 

For those following the tablet industry Sony is already a year behind the competition, but hoping that by allowing select PSOne games on the device that customers will be enticed to purchase one of these two products.  Sony also mentioned they plan to become the second largest producer of tablets within the next few years, behind only Apple. 

It’s very interesting how Sony is positioning themselves lately.  They’ve been more willing to release software on other devices than ever before.  I will not be surprised if the day arrives where you can grab virtually any phone or tablet and have a PS-branded store available.  After all, this would be to Sony’s benefit as they could make a small fortune from software sales.  They consider this software legacy software to begin with, and it’s not as if they’re suddenly going to port PS3 games over to these devices.  So the bottom line is this is a win-win situation for the company.

What do all of you think of this news?

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