Blog Spring Cleaning: Introducing “Side Project COE”!

You’ll notice that we’ve revamped our dashboard menus, which include two methods of browsing our content: by gaming company or by platform type. Also, special features will now include all our cool articles that you’ll only see on COE: like editorials, video game music rants, and gaming logs. legacy gaming, and much more to come in the near future. Please tells us what you think of the new categories. We’re open to suggestions for improvement.

I think by now you’ve noticed a new entry in our menu titled “Side Project COE”. As the clever name suggests, this involves our new non-gaming side project. While COE has always been centered within gaming, we’ve been wanting to share our non-gaming interests as well. Today, there’s just so much crossing over between games and other types of entertainment it’s so hard leave one out of the equation. This is where Side Project COE comes into play by expanding on movies, TV shows, comics, anime, and music…from the gamer’s point of view. Don’t expect our updates in this little side project to be as frequent as gaming news, but hopefully you’ll be just as entertained. You’ve obviously noticed that we’ve been posting about comics and movies ever since we started this blog (largely by Jarrod Nichol), so in a way we’ve been doing this unofficially for a while. The biggest difference is putting these non-gaming posts in-focus by branding them.

As usual, keep it locked and comment away. We hope you enjoy our new venture!

4 thoughts on “Blog Spring Cleaning: Introducing “Side Project COE”!”

  1. Well-done my friend, looks very nice.

    I’ve actually been mulling how I might contribute a little differently review-wise. I have the HTC Thunderbolt, and we’ve never had mobile gaming content. Been somewhat surprised that Jarrod doesn’t post iPhone game reviews…but I’m sure he’s swamped enough to even begin trying that haha.

    I don’t know if I will one way or another…but it’s great how much cheaper Android games are :)

  2. Good stuff Ahmed. Everything is much easier to find now.

    Justin, you’re right my friend. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to write anything about iPhone gaming.

    I’m currently trying to get something online pertaining to Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4. That’s on top of my editorials and other news bits.

    1. It’s too bad that you can’t talk about SOCOM 4’s online play much with PSN being down and all.

      Thanks, guys. Glad you’re liking the new menus. We’ll add more on the way….just like Justin says, an Android category under Phones & Tablets sounds like a nice start. :)

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