Tri-Ace Back in the [Portable] Game!

Now that Tri-Ace has the attention of gamers through their awesome next-gen tech demo (or as Justin calls it, an Alpha phase prototype of Star Ocean 5), it’s time to know about their latest projects on…the PSP and 3DS?

Yes, one game for each. It’s surprising that they’re going for portable gaming this time around, as their last one that they developed from-the-ground-up is 2009’s Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of Plume for the DS. Adding to the latter is 2001’s Japan-only Star Ocean: Blue Sphere for the Game Boy Color, bringing their total portable games to two. The PSP entries of Star Ocean technically do not count as these are enhanced ports/remasters of old games.

What’s even more surprising is who they’re partnering with: Konami. Very unorthodox choice as Konami doesn’t develop or publish RPGs on a regular basis (Suikoden for the DS was their last one I believe?). They’re also notorious for not promoting RPGs as much, so I’m wondering why Tri-Ace aren’t sticking with Square-Enix? Is their more to the story or are Tri-Ace just expanding their horizons with no ill feelings towards Square-Enix?

All we know so far are the names; Frontier Gate for the PSP and Labyrinth no Kanata for the 3DS, the latter of which is directed by the same guy who made Resonance of Fate. As usual, there’s no news of an international release yet, and I fear that Konami will keep these gems confined to Japan knowing their track history with RPGs.

Source: 1UP

UPDATE (4/28/2011)

While scouring around the Internet, we’ve come across some great screenshots of the Tri-Ace’s 3DS RPG title! While information about the game is understandably scarce for the time being, E3 is just around the corner and we can definitely expect to see more develop. Hopefully this game will make it outside of Japan, because the visuals are a wonderful indication of the processing power of the 3DS.













































































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