3 thoughts on “Mario With A Portal Gun – Need I Say More? [Video]”

  1. So from this I gather that the Portal Gun would solve all the woes of Super Mario Bros. tougher feats to pull off. Nice. Too bad I don’t care about Portal though ^_^ (yes, I went there :P)

    And for shame on that Bowser acting. That British-sounding accent made me cringe XD

    1. Dorkly videos are hilarious! You guys should subscribe and check ’em all out.

      You don’t care about Portal, Justin? Are you serious? I was in the same positional until the hype of the sequel. I gave in and downloaded the original weeks ago. Played it in one go from start to finish and I can safely say it’s the most innovative first person game out there. The anti-Call of Duty as some reviewers call it. Trust me, check it out. You’re going to love this game and its sweet humor. Can’t wait to dig my hands on the sequel soon.

  2. Ahmed you never played Portal before??? Wow man, that game rules. I played it on PC years back, and went ahead and downloaded it again for Xbox Live. Wonderful game, and I will get into Portal 2 just as soon as I have the opportunity.

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