Portal 2 DLC #1 Coming To Consoles, PC & Macs For Free

Valve has just issued a press release thanking everyone for buying Portal 2 last week.  I’m naughty as I have yet to purchase it, but mark my words I will because I adored the original.  While Valve didn’t really reveal any info about what will be on the free update, they did say and I quote “new test chambers for players, leaderboards, challenge mode for single and multiplayer modes, and more” will be featured in the download pack.  That’s great news for everyone who’s already completed the game.

I’d actually like to hear from all of you who have played through Portal 2 to hear your thoughts and overall impressions.  This DLC will be released sometime this summer so with any luck that will keep your interest for the foreseeable future, and hey who knows, maybe the PlayStation Network will be back online by then.  Ouch, low blow, too soon?  Ok, now you can go back to watching the Royal Wedding, because don’t try and kid us, we know you’ve been watching it for hours already.  Yeah sure you’re girlfriend/wife is making you.  Riiiiiiight ;)


4 thoughts on “Portal 2 DLC #1 Coming To Consoles, PC & Macs For Free”

  1. Portal 2 is awesome. I have only played sp as of yet but it is great as was expected. I f Steven doesn’t get the game :/ I’m going to need a partner for co-op :)

    So what’s a royal wedding?

  2. Lol what’s a royal wedding eh. Turn on the TV and you’ll find out lol. If you want a co-op partner, just let me know which version you bought my man ;)

  3. :) hate that wedding lol, I bought the ps3 version because it comes with the steam version for free! We can actually cross platform :) PC and ps3.

  4. When I have a chance to head to a videogame store I might as well pick up the same version. I just hope the PSN comes back online sometime this century.

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