Sony Confirms PSN Will Return This Week, Free Month Of PSN+ For All Members

During the PlayStation Network press conference held in Japan earlier this morning, Kaz Hirai confirmed which PSN services will go live this week.  The following will be back online by Friday May 6th.

  • Play of online titles and titles that require PlayStation Network login
  • Playback on PS3, PSP and MediaGo of rental video content that has already been downloaded
  • Access to rental content that has been downloaded for Video on Demand Powered by Qriocity (time limits apply)
  • PlayStation Home
  • Chat

PlayStation Network users will all receive one free month of PSN+, while current members will be given a one month extension free of charge.  Meanwhile users of Music Unlimited Powered by Qriocity will be given 30 free days of service.  Sony will be updating the PlayStation 3 and PSP firmware in order to rollout these services to all members.  It will require everyone to change their PSN password as that was leaked out during the security breach.

To ensure this never happens again Kaz said Sony is creating a new position at the company.  The Chief Information Security Officer will report directly to him and will be responsible for all security of online networks Sony creates moving forward.

We’ll be updating you all on the exact day the PlayStation Network is back online as soon as we find out.  Does this make you feel better about Sony now, or are you finished with PlayStation?


9 thoughts on “Sony Confirms PSN Will Return This Week, Free Month Of PSN+ For All Members”

  1. I’m not sure if i’m really satisfied with this. A lot of ppl lost a lot of money (including Sony of course) because of this. A free month of PSN + when most ppl don’t care :S
    If they give a free game for PSN + it’ll be a little different.

    Some of us lost a week or work cause PSN was down!

    1. They actually will be doing that, Pat. Once the store comes back online, PSN+ members will be getting free stuff. We have no idea what games will be free, but I bet it’s anything that Sony published.

      What’s really disappointing is the store won’t be back up on day 1. They vaguely stated sometime in May. I really want to download The Fancy Pants Adventures, Back to the Future, and Outland. But it looks like I’ll be resorting to some downloads off XBL if it takes too long.

  2. We only have confirmation on what I wrote in the article guys. Everything else is speculation and rumors. I’m fairly certain Sony is going to give everyone a free download via the PSN+ service, which everyone will be for one month at least.

    Full service will be back before June 1st, which doesn’t say very much sadly.

  3. Come to think about it, a free game through PSN+ stops being free when you stop being a member. So our “free” content isn’t so free afterall.

  4. I’m not too nuts about free PSN+. I don’t feel like it’s much to give me. Sure, I get some “free” stuff, but it goes away at the end of the 30 days. So I feel like Sony is just giving me a taste to encourage me to latch onto the service and spend more money. What about people who already subscribe to PSN+ too? Do they get an extension? I don’t feel like it’s much of an apology.

    A free download game would be nice though. Either way, I’ll take what I can get.

    1. Current PSN+ subscribers get an extension with a “welcome back” program of free downloadable games. I’m guessing Sony’s strategy is to tie the free downloads with the 1-month free trial of PSN+. That is to say, you have to use PSN+ to get the free downloads. Don’t take my word for it though.

  5. We’ll find out all the details soon enough guys. For now, let’s just hope the PSN…you know…comes back online ;) I now have two reviews I can’t complete because of the outage.

  6. Thank You SONY, I have had FREE online service from PSN for yrs no charge . get your ducks in a row and lets get our game on THANK YOU SONY YOU OWE ME NOTHING

    1. I’m sure Sony hopes a lot of people feel the same as you Josh. You’re very true in what you’re saying. Sony has offered free online play since back in the PS2 days, but people tend to forget about that.

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