Nintendo ‘Selects’ Coming Soon…Along With A Wii Price Cut

Nintendo World Report has the first details on what retailers are calling “Nintendo Selects,” or budget games from the Big N.  Why they decided to rename their “Player’s Choice” games I have no clue, but cheaper games is a win-win situation for all those involved.  Below is an apparent retailer listing for the budget titles including such hits as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Placing Wii Sports as a standalone release follows what we’ve heard earlier.  That being, Mario Kart Wii will replace Wii Sports as the bundled game for those purchasing the Wii at its new low price of $149.99.

Does this news interest you, or are you at the point where you spend less and less time with your Wii and eagerly await Nintendo’s next-gen offering?

6 thoughts on “Nintendo ‘Selects’ Coming Soon…Along With A Wii Price Cut”

  1. Glad they’re doing this, but man is it me or is it just too late into the game? They choose not to do Player’s Choice until the console is on its last legs? Very weird if you ask me.

  2. Yeah very weird indeed Ahmed. No idea why they decided to do this now. Do they really think this is going to help them out? It’s too little, too late if you ask me.

    1. Well if they republish rare-to-find titles such as Fire Emblem and WarioWare, then many people will welcome this with open arms. But million-seller launch games like Twilight Princess should’ve gotten a budget price years ago.

  3. Right now those two titles aren’t on the horizon. The idea is to make this program exactly like the old Player’s Choice games, i.e. multi-million sellers. I’m with you in thinking this is way too late in the game. Virtually everyone has these games already. Putting Wii Sports up there is just mind-boggling given literally everyone who owns a Wii has the game.

      1. Indeed. That is quite an odd move for Nintendo to make. Do they honestly think 50 million people are going to buy a Wii at this point and suddenly Wii Sports will be in such high demand?

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