It’s Official, Wii Drops To $150 On May 15th – Nintendo Selects Hitting Same Day

On May 15th Nintendo will lower the asking price of the Wii to $149.99USD.  The system will be available in either black or white and include Mario Kart Wii and a racing wheel.  As revealed in our rumor yesterday, Nintendo will also release what the company is referring to as Nintendo Selects.  These are games that have sold in excess of a million copies.  The initial titles will be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Wii Sports, and Mario Super Sluggers.  Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime had the following to say about the new price point and ‘Selects.’

“From the day it launched, Wii has let players of all ages and experience levels have fun with one another.  The new suggested retail pricing for both the hardware and select games will help create more of these magical moments for even greater numbers of people.”

As per usual, I’ll end off asking all of you if you’re interested in this new Nintendo offer.  Do any of you want to grab one of the four new Nintendo Selects titles?  Do any of you not own any of these titles?  That might be the more appropriate question considering how many millions of copies each of these titles has sold.

That’s about all she wrote for this story.  Now you know the news is confirmed and if there’s anyone out there that wants a Wii, now’s the perfect time to jump in…before Nintendo releases a brand new machine and likely drops full support of this one.  Whoops, pretend I didn’t just write that ;)

14 thoughts on “It’s Official, Wii Drops To $150 On May 15th – Nintendo Selects Hitting Same Day”

  1. Super Mario Sluggers? Seriously? That game actually sold?

    Xenoblade and The Last Story are probably the last two Wii games I’ll play…these will be the system’s swansong in my opinion. At 150$, those who held out on the Wii will probably buy them for those two games alone. Xenoblade is basically confirmed for this year, while The Last Story’s future overseas remains to be seen. Nintendo would be idiots if they pass up publishing it.

    As for Skyward Sword, it will be ported to Project Cafe. Mark my words.

  2. Yeah Ahmed I can see that too. Skyward Sword will be exactly like Twilight Princess before it. It’ll hit the Stream first, and then the Wii or maybe they’ll just release it on the Stream…if that’s what they eventually end up calling Project Café that is ;)

    I really wanted a brand new HD Zelda damn it.

  3. Well the great thing about Skyward Sword is that its art will really make the visuals shine even if it’s not HD from the ground up. The cel-shading looks absolutely beautiful and will look even better with an upped resolution. I can attest to that after replaying The Wind Waker on my HDTV and was awed by how good it looks with basic progressive scan and 480p. It really lives up well in today’s age of graphics, unlike Twilight Princess which looks dated by now due to its realistic graphics.

  4. That’s something I didn’t touch upon in the other thread, but Nintendo should opt for full 1080p support because hopefully by next-gen we’ll actually, you know, have it ;)

  5. My thoughts too…what a weird 4th game in the lineup. It wasn’t even an early Wii game either. What about Wario Ware Smooth Moves? Or Mario Kart?

    And I totally agree with you on Xenoblade and Last Story. Those look amazing, and I’d totally play them. It’s too bad that there still are several games for Wii and DS that didn’t make it out of Japan. The Last Window (sequel to Hotel Dusk) and Soma Bringer would’ve been awesome for DS, and I never understood why Disaster Day of Crisis never got a US release. Another Code R saw a UK release but no the US unfortunately. That reminds me, Lost in Shadow was a really great niche Wii release this year in the US, unfortunately it is most definitely a sleeper.

    I also had to wonder what happened to Ni no Kuni for Nintendo DS….that game looked amazing, in both its DS and PS3 incarnation. I still want it! A Level-5 RPG with artwork by Studio Ghibli? That has gotta be the best thing since sliced bread.

    Also…still sad that we’ve never seen Fatal Frame IV or Tales of Graces outside of Japan yet. :( It was cool to play them when I was there though, but I’d love a domestic release.

  6. Wind Waker still does look gorgeous. I like Twilight Princess’ style though, the darker and grittier feel of it was nice. I really, really, hope that the next Nintendo console has HD upscaling for Wii games. Seeing Super Mario Galaxy 2 in 1080p would be sweet.

    If Nintendo went the extra mile and made GCN games compatible (which is highly unlikely, one can dream though), I’d be pleased as punch, because there are many games I’d love to see upscaled to HD.

  7. Jarrod, you should have learned by now that Nintendo’s is going to disappoint you personally ;) The Wii obviously damaged your relationship with them, and it may not recover, even with the ‘Stream’. I too would drool at an HD Zelda, but it likely won’t come anytime soon.

    Either way, seems I’m the only one around here that doesn’t care for Skyward Sword’s art direction. I liked Twilight Princess’s visuals, but think SS looks too much like a painting. It’s definitely not bad, but not what I would prefer. Wind Waker was interesting, but not my cup of tea either.

  8. Justin I haven’t actually played or seen virtually anything of SS (Outside the Nin press conference). I didn’t get any hands-on time at E3 last year with the game, and have purposely stayed away from all the videos out there. I wanted to go in and be surprised, but several friends of mine have mimicked exactly what you said. I’ll let you know what I think at E3, when I’ll be watching the press conference like everyone else.

  9. You may remember that I was hands-on with it during our booth tour last year. It was interesting, but nothing that blew me away. The specific horizontal and vertical slicing to eliminate enemies is a nice idea, but nothing new. And I honestly didn’t care for how the demo looked, and I doubt that would change by the time the game released. It’ll be a great game of course, but just how is anyone’s guess.

    I still remember when the Zelda team claimed that they were taking the series in a bold, new direction with SS. If this slicing and art direction is the manifestation of that…color me disappointed.

    I’m pining for an HD Zelda that has an open world like the Elder Scrolls games, even though I’ve not played any of those, and character interaction like Mass Effect. Why does Nintendo refuse to do that? Every time it’s Link that saves Hyrule for Zelda and defeats Ganon to do it. Even Twilight Princess didn’t impress me by making Zant Ganondorf’s lackey. I don’t understand why the handheld Zelda games have gone out of their way to be different, but not so much the console releases.

  10. I’m loving the art direction because it sounds like it’s mixing the grittiness from Twilight Princess with the colorful art of The Wind Waker. I can see why you don’t care about it much since the demo area presented in E3 is albeit too colorful. Some of the screenshots show some pretty interesting locations.

    If the Wii Motion Plus and 1:1 sword swinging mechanic were a feature at the Wii’s launch, it would’ve been much more impressive. Now, we’re all going, “it’s about time” since it does seem too little and too late. Motion has been already use so much that nobody finds what Skyward Sword’s doing to be impressive. In the end, it all rests on the quality of the puzzles, the length of the game, and how far they deviate from the Zelda formula. 2009’s Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo DS blew me away with how innovative and out-of-the-box the puzzles were. Skyward Sword better do the same and not aim for beginners or the casual crowd.

  11. One day I think we’ll get a “grown up” version of Zelda. By that I mean something radically different. Just look at Metroid Prime, that was a really bold move on Nintendo’s part and it worked…exceptionally well. I think it’s just a matter of time…like 60 years or so ;)

    I have nothing wrong with the standard fare, but would also adore something more ‘modern’ in the way of Elder Scrolls or Mass Effect.

  12. As soon as Nintendo trust the franchise with a different developer other than their internal teams, then we’ll get that grown-up Zelda everyone’s yearning for. The way I see it, Retro are the best guys for the job. :)

  13. Exacty Ahmed. I think they simply fear someone doing somthing better than the internal team. Imagine how disgracful that would make them feel, which it really shouldn’t. Anyways, let’s just hope SS lives up to the expectations.

  14. Justin, that’s not quite true all the time. Majora’s Mask and Minish Cap expanded the Zelda universe to have different stories, with different antagonists. Majora’s Mask not only had the “mask” and time travel gimmicks to set it apart, it had a very unique setting and plot, which made it one of my favorite games. I’m also very glad that they didn’t even bring Ganon into the game at all. I thought Twilight Princess would have been more interesting had he just been left out totally, and the focus was given more to Zant. Midna was an interesting character though. Minish Cap managed to do great things for the GBA, and establish Vaati as one of the prime villains in the franchise.

    And every once in awhile see games like Four Swords which have a variation on the gameplay–FSA for the GameCube not only had awesome multiplayer, but it was level-based rather than nonlinear, and still retained that classic Zelda feel while offering something unique.

    I think it would be neat to see an “open world” game similar to Elder Scrolls, though I wonder how Nintendo would do it. It’d be odd to see Link in a role that requires him to speak more frequently, which could be good or bad. It would have to be handled carefully. If the combat remained classic Zelda and the puzzles and dungeons were still fun, that would be cool. I could see a game that offered a multitude of quests, not just the “main story,” with a more nonlinear approach and multiple endings. That would be sweet.

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