Bendis Remains – Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1

You read that right folks.  Brian Michael Bendis will indeed remain as the writer of Ultimate Spider-Man.  The new series will be relaunched later this year featuring an all new character in the roll of Spider-Man.  After what appears to be the real and very final death of Peter Parker, a mysterious new figure dons the mask and picks up where Peter left off.  It’s a completely new re-imagining of the character from the ground up.  Will it be successful, that’s the real question.  Bendis hasn’t really been part of anything that hasn’t been gold, but there’s a first for everything isn’t there?

I’ve shown you this cover before, but it’s worth taking another look.  Here is your first look at Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 brought to you by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli.

This story will follow directly from Ultimate Spider-Man #160 which features the death of Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man.  Whether or not he stays dead remains to be seen, but Bendis says this is the real deal.  What’s also quite impressive is that with Bendis remaining on the book, it appears he will stay with this character until the day he’s fired, laid off, or quits.  Here’s what he had to say about his time with the character.

I can’t imagine leaving it, unless I get the pink slip.  Even if it seems like I may be outlasting Peter Parker himself, I’m proud to be a part of it.

I’m extremely surprised by this, but pleased at the same time.  Bendis says the new Ultimate universe will be more cohesive than ever before because the various writers are going to work together to ensure stories flow together and stories feel natural and plausible between the different books.

I’ll be sure to have a quick review for you once the book ships later this summer.

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  1. Hard to trust Marvel. They said the same thing about a cohesive universe 2 years ago before the first relaunch post-Ultimatum. Ever since Jeph Loeb destroyed everything, it has been hard to trust things will return to normalcy again, specially with writers like Mark Millar ruining things further and doing a pathetic job during their final storylines.

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